Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ND Tiwari

Who else could represent Congress!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Drunk

There is nothing like getting drunk on a Friday Night!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ignorance is bliss

I shouldn't have read "Road"!!! For someone who has a bad feeling about 2012, reading "Road" is just fuel to the fire. I don't think I will buy tickets to the movie... Maybe on DVD after December 2012!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Epic Muhammad Movie –

I always dreamt about a Hollywood version of our Ramayana or Mahabharata. I sincerely believe that it could be a commercial success too. So I hear that a movie about Muhammad is on the pipeline with some big name on the roster. Why am I thrilled? Well since we Indians are good followers, now someone will propose a movie for Hindus...

Friday, October 30, 2009


Doctors have recommended to get my son vaccinated against H1N1, on one hand I don't want to go against a Doctor's wish (Just look at my life) on the other I have deep concerns over a vaccine developed quickly. Now that I have received a phone call from the Doctor's office, got to make a decision (couple of hours)!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali. Guess I am little late....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For a few dollars more

Can't beleive that I have to go through this for a few dollar more....

Monday, September 21, 2009

You are a good man, Charlie Brown –

Ever wondered what happened to Charlie Brown? Well, he now lives under a pseudonym "Murali". And yes, still waiting for his first win.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Told people Del Potro is the man of the future, they didn't listen. Look where he is now...

Saravana Bhavan

Having a beer at Saravana Bhavan felt like doing something bad in a Temple.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Road Trip -

On a road trip covering Charlotte and Atlanta....

Friday, August 28, 2009

Badani -

Man, I was thrilled to see Badani getting a chance to play for Rajasthan, but what a tragedy, he didn't get a chance to play in a single Ranji match...Poor Guy, Sriram played as a Captain for Goa, and I think he did pretty good but Badani.....he just gets hit with bad luck one after another...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Masala Movies -

Every wonder what life would be if one where to mimic a Masala Movie? My life is like Rajnikanth Movie, a complete mix of comedy and action with sprinkles of tragedy. But unlike Rajnikanth, who flips his characters at ease, I couldn’t do it. People get confused, I don’t understand! People like masala movies, then why don’t they like my approach? My son for instance, I don’t discipline him for jumping on the bed or watching Spongebob, I normally join him, but when it is homework time I make sure that he doesn’t let his mind wander and do his job and job alone. For some reason he couldn’t take it, yesterday he made a journal entry on why he like Obama. The reason, Obama doesn’t force him or yell at him to do his homework. I don’t get it. He is not alone though, at work it’s the same story. Normally I joke around at work, just for that people expect me to pat on their back if they don’t deliver?

The conclusion, the world is not made for people like me; it’s for people like my father, for people who play offence and offence alone. Even if they are wrong they come out fighting. My very first day at Anna University, one would think that your father would be proud that his son got into CEG, but no, not my father. He got irritated at the red tape at the school and gave me an ultimatum, he said, “I going through all this for you, if you ever get a single bad grade your ass would be on fire”. May be he didn’t say ass but something on that line. So as a son, I know what do expect from my Dad, to kick my ass and that alone. My kid, I guess gets confused when I bring Masala Movie techniques in real life. Don’t know what to do now, I should write a letter Rajnikanth and find out how he does it…Do you think he would answer?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

கருணாநிதி -

தெருவில் சுத்தும் நாய்குட தனக்கு சோறு போட்டவனை கொஞ்சம் மரியாதையா நடத்தும். கருணாநிதியை என்ன சொல்ல? உங்க பிள்ளையும், உங்க மக்களும், உங்கள் சாவை எதிர்பார்த்து இருப்பது, உங்கள் வழக்கை சரித்திரத்திற்கு ஒரு நல்ல எடுத்துகாட்டு!

கர்நாடகத்துடன், காவேரியை வைத்து ஹொகேனக்கல்லில் ஒரு நல்ல நாடகம் நடத்தி, தேர்தல் சமயத்தில் உங்களுக்கும், உங்கள் கட்சிக்கும் காங்கிரஸ் கட்சி தேவை என்று வந்தபின், "ஹொகேனக்கல்" அப்படின? என்று வடிவேலு மாதிரி கேள்வி கேட்ட பெரிய மனுஷன் நீங்கள்.

தேர்தல் நேரத்துல திடிருன்னு, இலங்கை தமிழ் மக்களுக்கு உண்ணாவிரதம் இருந்த நல்ல உள்ளம் உங்களுக்கு.

இப்ப முன்னடந்தது எல்லாம் சின்ன விஷயம் மாதிரி, உங்க கட்சிக்கும் காங்கிரசுக்கும் நிலைம நல்லா இல்ல, இதுக்கு BJP கட்சி தேவை. ஒரே வழி, திருவள்ளுவர் சிலை. மக்கா, எப்படி மக்கா!!! இன்னைக்கு கருணாநிதி இருப்பதற்கு ஒரே காரணம், தமிழ் மக்கள், அவங்களை இப்படி முதுகுல குத்துனா எப்படி?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Yesterday, I conquered Mt. Everest. It was a great ride, I was so proud that my 7 year old made it through the ride.

I am amazed by the amount of work Disney has put to make sure the Indian Section in Animal Kingdom looks authentic. Yeti hotel, Old tractors (it looks like a bike), Telephone pole, rest rooms, and all take you back to India. It was really awesome. You know what’s even better, they brought old Cinema Poster from India and they are pasted all over the place. Illyaraja was there, apparently he was the music director for the film “Secret Agent Raja” and Nadhiya with a sexy smile asking you to buy “ஈகில் மார்க் பட்டாசுகள் ” I am impressed!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Biggest Loser -

For me losing things is inborn. But yesterday was the worst. Lost my car keys, house keys, mail box key and I was left stranded on the street with 2 kids. One good thing though, when you have these habits, you don’t get agitated. You just laugh at yourself and think clearly. My mind naturally goes, "What next?". My wife freaks out though, then again that’s her problem…., ultimately it did become my problem because she forced me to change the lock which cost a whopping 120 dollars!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

DMK vs. Vikatan –

The phenomenal growth of Sun Network has forced Media (both print and broadcast) to work in alliance with the Network (read DMK). This was no difference for Vikatan. With their profitable Vikatan Talkies, who successfully run several Soap operas in Sun, I have never seen Vikatan write anything ill either in Junior or Ananda Vikatan. It looks like all these have changed after election. Lately there were several article criticizing Karunanidhi and his party members. While going after Minister Raja is one thing, which purely is a personal vendetta; criticizing Karunanidhi’s plan to turn his house into hospital for poor is bizarre. I do agree with Vikatan on this, but it bugs me why? Why now? I am not sure whether Maran and Stalin are behind this? Because from what I see they are no different but I see no article about them. The amount of money Maran family has plundered over the year is unbelievable, but still he has a clean image and the media never opens their mouth against him.

What ever it is, I hate these Dravidian parties, and so what ever plays for their downfall is fine by me. Karunanidhi knows the power of Media; he learnt his lesson when he went against the Maran’s. So we have to wait and see how this plays out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jiddu –

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and half way through you feel that the other person is at a different level and wonder when it will end? For me reading and understanding Jiddu’s book feels that way. For example, one such concept by Jiddu, is about Fear. He wants us to differentiate our inbuilt fears (such as fear of snakes) from the ones which were built through environment (such as fear of losing your money, fear of death). Jiddu argues that we should calm our Self (Atman) and address these external fears, by which we will find out that these external fears never hold value and over time will vanish. He then preaches how expectation and fear go hand in hand and to be totally free of fear he argues that one should live his life in the present not over analyzing the past or the future.

Now, the trouble is applying these principles in real life. Here is one such scenario using my life as an example, which per Jiddu is unfounded and that I should snap out of it. I don’t even know why I remember this but when I was young, a guy (whose name I don’t remember) used to visit my house. During this time my father was in charge of Temples in Chennai. When ever he made a visit he would reach his pocket and give 10 or 20 rupees to the Temple staff. For obvious reason, he was always surrounded by people, he used to walk into our house with 4/5 people. I was so impressed by this person and he was always in my mind. After about 10 year during my high school days, my father brought up a conversation which somehow referenced him. My father told me that he had lost all his money and he is in a retirement home with no one to support. Now, I have a fear that a scenario like that might happen to me!! One reason is that I am a spendthrift like him. As per jiddu, this fear is unfounded and I should overcome this fear without any reason, but the more I think about it the more it grows!!!! Maybe, what jiddu means is that I should concentrate on "The Truth" which is "me being a spendthrift" and try to overcome it through actions which are practical rather than trying to erase "Fear" which is a derivative of something real.

So, my point here is, reading Jiddu book is like reading a Science book. Newton's laws are always a sentence or two, but to understand it you might have to read hundred page journals. Each sentence in jiddu's book spirals in a completely different direction and to understand, it takes effort. Maybe this is the reason why U.G Krishnamurti didn’t like him (but it’s funny that his life (UG) for some reason revolves so much around Jiddu). As Humans we (by saying I do not compare myself with UG) like to be spoon feed. We are happy with Quran or Bible because the path is right there. But in East, its preacher doesn’t give us a path do they?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


At this point my life, I neither have the balls to walk out my job nor do I have any interest to work....

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am back -

For me Vacations were always stressful, mainly because I am paranoid about everything. But this time, it was not that bad. The only scary part was that I actually had some good time with my Dad!! Well I guess that's the sign of me getting old....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sarkozy stands up for Women –

Whether people understand or not, I am behind Sarkozy speech on Burka. “The burka is not a sign of religion; it is a sign of subservience”, can’t be said better.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

What's my fathers day present? "Up" the Movie, in 3-D!!! What I don't understand with Disney is, why make a cartoon movie with sad theme. Nemo, Toy Story, WALL-E and now Up. Man, I am all chocked up!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enge Brahmanan - Cho

A great novel by Cho. In his own way, Cho gives an excellent narrative on Hinduism and Caste System. A must read.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Roaming around 3 parks in Orlando with 3 Kids - Torture; Can't move my body!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Times for Tamil Nadu –

Naming Stalin as deputy Chief Minister could be a blessing in disguise for Tamil Nadu. It is highly likely that the old crook won’t be around for the next election. Remember what happened when MGR passed away, each one had his/her own party within ADMK and they were lucky to come back as one unit. Stalin knows, that DMK faces a similar future. To come out on top he has to play his cards right. One such issue could be giving a corruption free government for the next 2 years or until we face election. So I would guess in addition, we would get some new roads, action on power cuts, new project for Chennai (I heard that he is already talking to Sheila Dikshit). Let’s see how it goes. But don’t get too cocky; it will be short lived…

Monday, June 1, 2009

ஹையோ ஹையோ

"முதலமைச்சர் கருணாநிதியின் நற்பெயருக்கு களங்கம் ஏற்படுத்தும் வகையில், உலகம் முழுவதும் வாழும் தமிழர்கள் மத்தியில் அவரது நன்மதிப்பை குலைக்கும் வகையில் பேசிய வைகோ 24 மணி நேரத்துக்குள் நிபந்தனையற்ற மன்னிப்பு கேட்க வேண்டும், இல்லாவிட்டால் அவதூறு வழக்கு தொடர நேரிடும்" (Vikatan)

அடப்பவிங்கள, தலைவார வெச்சி காமெடி, கிமெடி பண்ணலையே?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

திராவிட உடன்பிறப்பு -

திராவிட மக்களின் உயிர் துடிப்பே; எங்கள் துயர் துடைக்க வந்த தலைவர் கருணாநிதிக்கு, உன் உடன்பிறப்பு வரையும் ஓர் அன்பு மடல். 40 வருடங்களாக உனக்கும், உன் கட்சிக்கும் உழைத்த உடன்பிறப்பு, இன்று திக்கற்று வழி தெரியாமல் நிற்கும் சமயத்தில், என் நம்பிக்கையை மீட்டுத்தருவாய் என கண்ணிரை மையாக்கி எழுதும் கடிதம்.

தலைவா, நேற்று உன் மகன், மகள், அக்காவின் குடும்பத்தினர் அனைவரும் சென்ட்ரல் மினிஸ்ட்ரி மற்றும் துணை முதலைமச்சர் பதவி அடைந்ததை கண்டு மனமாரமகிழ்ச்சி அடைந்தேன். ஆனா தலைவா, இதை பற்றி ஒரு பத்திரிகை ஆசிரியரிடம், "பத்திரிக்கைகாரன் மகன், பத்திரிகை வேலைதான் செய்வான்" என்று சொல்லிட்டீங்க.தலைவா, இது நாம் ராஜாஜியின் குல கல்வி திட்டம் போல் இருக்கே? இதுதான் தப்புன்னு சொல்லி எத்தனை மரத்தை, எத்தனை மக்களை உன் பேர் சொல்லி வெட்டி இருக்கேன், இப்ப திடிர்னு இப்படி சொல்லிடிங்க. சரி தலைவா, உனக்கு என்ன ஒரு பொண்டாட்டியா? 3 இருக்கே!!! அவுங்க இன்ன என்னைமாதிரி நீ போடுற ஒரு ரூபா அரிசில வாழ முடியுமா? பாரின் கார், பளிங்கு விடுன்னு பல செலவு இருக்கு, நீ என்ன பண்ணுவ பாவம்.

தலைவா, எனக்கும் உன்ன மாதிரி வயசு ஆகிபோச்சி. இத்தினை நாள், நீ சொன்ன மாதிரி, இந்து கடவுள் எல்லாத்தையும் அடியோடு வெட்டி போட்டாச்சு. இப்ப நீ என்னடான மஞ்ச துணிதான் போட்டுக்கிற, உன் பொண்டாட்டி உனக்காக திருக்கடையூரில் தவம் இருக்கு? நீ மேல இருக்க தலைவா, உனக்கு ஸ்பெஷல் காங்நேச்டின் இருக்கும், இங்க அப்படி எல்லாம் ஒண்ணுமில்ல, இப்ப நான் என்ன பண்றது?

எதைபத்தி கேட்டாலும் மீசாவில் நீயும் உன் மகன் ஸ்டாலின்னும் பட்ட கஷ்டத்தை பத்தி பல கதை சொல்றிங்க; அப்ப நான் என்னவோ நல்லாத்தான் இருந்தேன், இப்பதான்??? அது என்னவோ, நீ நல்ல இருக்கணும்னா நான் கஷ்டப்படனும் போல இருக்கு. அது சரி தலைவா, எவளவோ வாழ்கையில் இழந்தாச்சு, இன்னைக்கு நீ நல்ல இருக்க, அது போதும் தலைவா.

நீ இப்படினா நம்ப தம்பி அழகிரி ஒரு படி மேல. என்னமாதிரி கட்சிக்கு நாய உழைச்ச தா.கியை தம்பி போட்டு தள்ளினப்ப கொஞ்சம் கண்டிசிருக்கலாம்; இல்ல தம்பி நம்ப குடும்ப சண்டையில், கட்சி பத்திரிகை ஆபீஸ சுரையாடி நாலு/அஞ்சு உசுரு போனதுக்கப்புறமாவது கண்டிசிருக்கலாம். அது சரி போனது சுலபமா மாத்த குடிய தொண்டன் உசிருதானே. தம்பிக்கு சுத்தி போட சொல்லுங்க தலைவரே, என் கன்ணே பட்டுரும் போல.

இருக்கற தொல்ல போததுனு, ரெண்டு நாளைக்கு முன்னே, என் புள்ள, "அப்பா திராவிட கழகம் சாமி இல்லன்னு சொல்லுது அப்பறம் எதுக்கு அல்லாகிட்டயும், ஏசுகிட்டயும் போற, அதையும் துக்கி ஏறின்னு", சொல்றான். எனக்கு வந்துது பரு கோபம், பய்யன துக்கி போட்டு மீதிச்சும் என் கோபம் போகல்ல. அவன் கேட்டதுக்கு, எனக்கு பதில் தெரியல்ல அது ஒருபுறம், என் மெயின் கோபம் அவன் சுயம்ம எப்படி சிந்திக்கலாம்? தலைவா இந்த மாதிரி பசங்க, வளர உரமாய் இருந்திடகுடாது, இன்னைக்கு என்னை கேள்வி கேட்டவன் , நாளைக்கு உன்ன கேள்வி கேட்பான்.

என்னமோ தலைவா, ஒவ்வுறுதரவையும் நீயும் உடன்பிறப்பு, உடன்பிறப்பு சொல்லிக்கிட்டு இருக்கே, உனக்கு பிறந்த மக்கள்தான் நல்ல இருக்கான், மத்தவன் எல்லாம் பிச்சைதான் எடுகிறன்னு, இந்த ADMK பசங்க சொல்லிக்கிட்டு திரியறனுக, வெட்டத்தான் போய்கிட்டு இருந்தேன், போறதுக்கு முன்னாடி ஒரு தடவை கேட்டுகிட்டு போய்டலாம்ன்னு தோணிச்சு. அனா நீ ஒன்னும் கவலைபடாதே தலைவா, எனக்கு உன்ன தவிர வேற கதி?

அப்புறம் நீ வேற தமிழ் தமிழன்னு சொல்லிக்கிட்டு இருக்கே நான் எழுதி இருக்க தமிழ் சரி இல்லன்னு சொல்லி, ஆர்யா/திராவிட சண்டைய அரம்பிச்சுடாத, என்னக்கு தெரிஞ்ச தமிழ் அவளோதான். இத எழுத என்னக்கு ஒரு நாள் அச்சு.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Democracy Ahoy –

Central -
State -

Shouldn’t one be proud to see Democracy at work?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Err, Again -

India should shut up and let UN take its course on SriLankan situation; then again we have Congress, what else can we expect?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tamil People -

மக்கள் - என்ன தலைவரே கொஞ்ச நாளைக்கு முன்னாடி உண்ணாவிரதம் எல்லாம் இருந்திங்க, இப்ப என்ன ஆச்சு?

தலைவர் - தமிழ் மக்களை விட முக்கியமான பிரிச்சனை இப்ப மக்களை தவிக்க வச்சிக்கிட்டு இருக்கு!!

மக்கள் - அது என்ன தலைவரே?

தலைவர் - என் பசங்க சென்ட்ரல் மினிஸ்ட்ரி சீட்!

No Mini Machi -

All the cheerleaders in IPL were wearing Miniskirt except for Chennai Super Kings. Apparently, Miniskirt is only allowed in Tamil Cinema.
I don't blame N. Srinivas for this, because I know Tamil Taliban (PMK) and other such organizations will be in street for screwing Tamil Culture.
I remember Anna University passing a law that girls can't wear Jeans, considering that this shouldn't be a surprise at all.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dhoni "The Master" has done it -

Well folks, Dhoni "The Master" has done it for Chennai Superking, both with his batting and his captaincy. When the Kings were going great, he dropped in 1 down where Raina was playing so wonderful and screwed the run rate and the total score. With Captaincy, Gony is back do I have to say more? He has no idea about bowling and bowling change.... Pandey didn't have clue against Murali but he came in at 10th over by the time the game was over....Dhoni what a Worthless Cricketer....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What now for Srilankan Tamils -

If there was ever a time, when things went from bad to worse that's now for Sri Lanka. What happens now?

1. Election in Tamil Nadu proved that there is not much of a sympathy for Sri Lankan brethren. The worst is just beginning for them. Now that our
politicians have found out that there is no vote for Sri Lanakan Tamil support, who cares if they die.
2. Our Cine field; what a joke. Bhartiraja who is nothing but a third rated pimp was out to save them? He got no movie going; his son sucks; what else does
he have. Oh, that's right he can always fight for Sri Lanakan Tamil Justice.
3. Our Jaya; You never mess with Amma. Sri Lankan Tamils have just did that. People around Amma, has brain washed her saying that Sri Lanakan Tamil issue
will win her votes. Now that it didn't, the Tamils have to feel the wrath of Jaya.
4. Karuna, all he must be thinking now is, "Why the heck did I fast for 6 hours?".
5. Vaiko will be Vaiko. I don't think he will change or make any change...
6. Congress has the majority. Do I have to go any further?

Not that I ever felt that LTTE will bring peace for Sri Lankan Tamils but now that they are gone (at least for another 2 years) என் கண்ணில் முருகனை தவிர வேறு வழி இல்லை

Saturday, May 16, 2009

End Game for BJP -

I am totally at shock with election results in India. Honestly, I now have serious doubt about BJP's future? It's highly unlikely that Advani will be leading the party next election, given that BJP has got no national leader!!! Words can't explain the pain I feel now.

DMK leading in Tamil Nadu? How the heck did that happen? I am happy that the caste based parties lost in Tamil Nadu though, except may be for Thiru Ma. PMK lost all its seat, I say good for the state....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Arundhati Roy –

What happens when you win “Booker Prize”, you become a social activist; silly!!

If you are an Indian, Booker Prize can arrive either by bashing about the social inequalities in India or by giving a view on how bad things are in India. For Arvind Adiga its White Tiger; the novel is nothing but a cheap road side book, but hey it talks about inequalities, it got to win!!!! For Kiran Desai its insurgency in India’s west, well it has the theme!!! Now, Naiupaul and Salman Rushdie are different, even though they both bash India, I feel they are true at heart. They write because they are at pain to see India crumbling.

Of all the writers, Arundhati Roy takes the cake. Now Ms. Arundhati Roy does not like anything Hinduism. For her it’s a joke; right now she is on a trip to Pakistan and selling her ideas such as, RSS infiltration in Indian Army, Social inequalities, and on what she thinks as terrorism. Ms. Roy's hatred towards a Hindu is nothing new, it came from her childhood. Ms. Arundhati was born to a Bengali (Hindu) father and Syrian Christian Mother (Mary Roy). I don’t know what clicked between Mary Roy and this poor Bengali tea planter, it didn’t last long. She divorced him and moved to Kerala. Now a single mother bringing up a kid, in a strict Kerala Syrian Christian society, with a hatred towards a Hindu father, no wonder where she got her ideas from. To give you a glimpse on her book “The God of Small things”, the books revolves around 2 main characters “Rahel and Estha” who are twins and ends with incest between the two, which the author validates through social inequalities in India.

For some people the world they see is full of issues, they neither have a clue what the issue is nor they want to be part of the solution. Ms. Arundhati falls in this kind, for her an India dominated by Hinduism is full of distress. Does she have an idea on what Hinduism stands for? If she finds a social or economical injustice why doesn’t she propose a solution instead of bitching about it? The moment she finds a microphone she blabbers some nonsense and the worlds listens because she has a Booker Prize. After reading the book I felt sick on how low you can go to prove your point.

Let’s take some of her arguments

1. 2001 Indian Parliament Attack – For her Mohammed Afzal should be free. It’s a big conspiracy by Indian government to blame a Muslim for a Parliament bombing. OK, if you feel that there is enough proof that Afzal was not linked to the bombing then come out with it! But she doesn’t, but talking about it, did bring a front page article about it!!!
2. 2008 Mumbai Attack – For her as Indians should understand the wider context behind Mumbai attack. She argues that Indians committed atrocities during Gujarat Riot, in Kashmir, and during Partition. So it’s logical for Muslims to attack or bomb or kill Hindus. What a way to analyze an issue? Only a booker prize winner could argue like this….
3. Sardar Sarovar Project – You are against Dams, against Nuclear, against Coal and how the heck you want to feed energy hungry economy? Do you have a solution? Heck no but she sure knows how to revolt against the project. When Tamil Nadu government wanted to move the slums, she was there too. Does she want them to live there all their life? Did she propose any alternatives?
4. Kashmir Independence – Well Muslim want it, why don’t Indian government give it to them? I don’t know Ms. Arundhati, why don’t you ask a Hindu in Afghanistan who has to wear a mark to identify his religious liking.

People like her, who don’t have an iota of idea on what’s going on around us, are now social activists. I guess her mom Mary Roy taught her well. She sued her brother for inheritance money and now she is a Women’s right activist.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chennai overcomes Dhoni - Wins!!

Nothing is comparable to Dhoni's captanicy. How the heck is he managing the Indian team is beyond me!!!

- Badri to open! Really, I think Dhoni is feeling that he could be a weak link in the Chennai 11!! He doesn't want to come in at 6 down so he is doing all he could to screw Badri who is a strong candidate for 2 down.

- Jakati and Tyagi were the best players in the team for the past 2 games, yet they bowled 4 overs between them? Why only Dhoni knows.

- Gony selection, really?

- Its amazing how in each match there are atleast 3 players who play no part in the game. Today Bailey was in the 11 and ?

- I like Balaji, but if he is best death bowler in the 11, then good luck.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

End Game

Sri Lankan government is paving its way for a total annihilation. Of course they are helped by out inept Dravidian parties. How well do we use these poor souls to gain power? Jaya until the election day was against anything Tamils do in Sri Lankan, but now she is a savior. I have never seen anyone fasting for 6 hours, “Karunanidhi” if only this bastard has used 10 percent of the time he spent protecting his family and power, Lankan issue would have been solved long time ago.

Mahinda Rajapaksa action is nothing but ethnic cleansing. One has to agree that leaders like Hitler and Edi Amen survived mainly through people support, so I would assume that every if not most Sri Lankan support their leader’s action. But my friends, you will never win this war through killing others. Just look where Rwanda, Uganda, and Cambodia are now. China has given a blank check to Sri Lanka. China assumes that by supporting Sri Lanka they can check India's growth. Don't you think this is similar to what happened in Afghanistan? American supported mujahidins to dent Soviet, but look where the country is now?

Anyhow, I am no LTTE sympathizer. I still say, Prabakaran should surrender to India and by which he could stop this killing of innocent Tamil. I hope one day, people in Tamil Nadu select a nationalistic party (yes even Congress) which might aid a new beginning for all of us. 40 years these bastards from DMK and ADMK have plundered wealth and screwed up the state. They are responsible for every death in Sri Lanka, hope all will change one day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fake IPL Player

Last week, the web was set ablaze by a blogger who calls himself "Fake IPL Player". The blog had everything in it, Sex, Corruption, Movie Stars and of course Cricket. What else do you need to catch an Indian.

I do feel that IPL is getting out of hand. Modi's greed will bury this giant. Where the heck did Preeti gets money to run a IPL franchise. I wouldn't be surprised if Dawood is running it! BCCI better get their act right, if not they will go down along with ICC.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Chennai Super Kings (I still hate the name) lost there 2nd match due to bad Captaincy.

- Still sticking with Jogi. He bowls one over and comes 8th down; don’t know what his value is.
- There is a thin line which differentiates arrogance from confidence. Dhoni thinks he is good enough for 2 down, don’t know how he came up with that conclusion. Either he can open the batting or come 6 or 7th down.
- Badri should be 2nd down.
- Patel to open? Really, that’s the best they got?
- Real icing on the cake, Dhoni asking his bowler to learn from Delhi. Yeah right, that should go well with players like Murali, and Flintoff.

The match was lost due to his poor captaincy nothing else.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Tamil -

I made a bold resolution that this year I am going read as much Tamil Book as I could. The problem is getting Tamil Books in US. So after much search, I found Udumalai.com. Looks like a decent website. I ordered some books through the website and I even talked to the owner who was pretty helpful. Hope I get the books soon.

Here is my initial list of Tamil Books, Hopefully I could read them all.

1. Thayumanavan - Balakumaran
2. Aasaipadu - Jaki Vaudev
3. Mugathil thelitha saral - Iraiyanbu
4. Moha Mul by T.Janakiraman
5. En Charitram by Dr.U.V.Swaminatha Iyer
6. Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki
7. Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidharkal by Jayakanthan
8. Arthamulla Hindu Matham by Kannadasan
9. Palveedhi by Abdul Rahman
10. Unnal Mudiyum Tambi by Dr.M.S.Udayamoorthy
11. Ramayanam by Rajaji
12. JJ Sila Kurippukkal- Sundara Ramasamy
13. Ki Mu Ki Pi - Madan
14. Engay Brahmanan - Cho

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dhoni gets it wrong -

Chennai Super Kings lost their first match against Mumbai Indians. If they got beat by a better team, that's OK but the match was lost because of bad team selection.
1. R. Ashwin, selected as Spinner never bowled, Vidyut would have been a better bet.
2. Patel, I don't know what is Dhoni's fantasy with Patel. Vijay or Arun Kartik should have replaced Patel.
3. Thushara - Even though Thushara performed, it was a bad choice. They have so many wicket taking bowlers, Ntini, Morkel, Murali I couldn't understand the logic behind Thushara's selection.
4. Joginder - I understand that he is one of Dhoni's boys. But he is fading fast, should be replaced by Tyagi or Balaji.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sharukhan Threatens –

“Perform or else I will sleep with you all”, Sharukhan issues ultimatum to all Kolkata Players.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Japanese Proverb

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How much more?

Wonder how much more bad luck one can take? Getting tired and getting irritated.

Gun Control in US of A

Gun Control in America is a touchy (read Stupid) issue. In America the right to hold a firearm is protected under the second amendment of its Bill of Rights. While I am a proponent of individual rights, I don’t feel that “Right to bear a firearm” falls under the right’s of an individual. People are buying assault weapons under this senseless law which causes more harm then anything. Shootings in schools such as in Virginia, Texas and not to forget the Columbine massacre are all hushed away as something irrelevant. It looks like every week there is a shooting spree which results in multiple deaths. I was watching 60 minutes yesterday and they were showing a guy selling gun under a Nazi banner? While I appreciate his marketing skills (Basically using a marketing ploy that it’s Black Obama trying to control White (NRA) American) it just shows how stupid it is.

Majority of people in America think that if it’s in the Amendment then it has to be right! It’s more like people questioning evolution because it contradicts Bible! The question is what is one’s intention when he/she buys a firearm? Whether you buy a firearm to protect yourself or to rob a bank the intention are the same, to hurt others isn’t it? If you argue that one have every right to kill someone who tries to rob him or someone who tries to rap his wife, the issue is a law and order problem. It literally means that law enforcement is not doing their job right. You can say that police cannot be everywhere, true but that doesn’t necessitate that you should be holding a firearm. Compared to America, European countries which have strict guns control laws perform much better when it comes to law and order issue. People want to go through their emotion, look I would like to kill someone who harms my family too but is that right?

People in America should take a good look at the way Terrorists are operating now. “Freelance Terrorism” a term I would like to describe the recent attacks in Mumbai and Lahore. This is a real threat; these morons dress up as regular people and start attacking. Now if Guns are available so easily what is stopping them? As human beings we are much better in reacting rather than making a proactive action. May be the government will think once it actually happens or who knows then they might argue that everyone should hold a Gun so that we could have gang war on the streets.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty's advice for Rajasthan Royal fast bowlers , "I hope you can spin more!" Raj Kundra, look what you have created.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gavaskar's rant at Buchanan

Another jealous old man who couldn’t stand the money the new breed of cricketers making. Just following Bedi’s step I guess.

Monday, March 30, 2009

திருக்கடையூரில் திராவிட கழகங்கள்

While it’s improper to judge a man when he is down, the same rule can’t be applied for Karunanidhi and his party men. A yellow shawl, a quick visit by Sai baba to bless him and his family were all shushed as irrelevant; now with his smart ass attitude Karunanidhi will again deem his wife’s visit to Thirukadaiyur as irrelevant. All his life he portrayed himself as a savior of Dravidians and synchronized the word Dravidians with someone who is an atheist, now his wife spends her time at temples to bless her husband with long life and prosperity. May be Karunanidhi will come up with a smart ass comment that it was his second wife and that, technically (since she is illegal) it doesn’t count…. I would like to quote something from Douglas MacArthur which describes this scoundrel better,

“Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair”

Being an atheist is not something I am against, in some cases it might show how strong of a human being you are. After all God is not someone who is going sit by and help you and your family in your every day life. In my view visiting a Temple might not help you to solve your crisis but it might help you soothe your pain, it is like taking a fever suppressant, it might not cure the fever but make your life little bit more comfortable. So in essence, if you argue that the world should not take fever suppressant, well I see your point; then prove to the world by following the path.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Debacle under Democracy –

Is Democracy working? It’s definitely not in Asian and South American countries where the ruling elite have successfully hijacked the idea and rule the state by corruption and terror. The west is not better either, in here Democracy is held up by economic prosperity and I do agree that educated masses do play a role. With just under a year of recession, America already organizes itself into major groups with each going after the government for its own benefit. This is exactly what happens in India, doesn’t it? In countries like India, where people have to work with limited resources, they go at it through flawed methods. Each form a group for his or her own liking, may it be the caste, state, language or what ever it is that could be grouped together. If you have your strength in number then you will get what you want. Once you have the power now it becomes necessary to suppress other groups from propping up. If you have achieved your power through corruption, what else will you use to crush others?

It’s interesting to see that just couple of month ago, Indians were part of “Obama Mania”. Now when they are face to face with Obama’s socialistic agenda, they don’t know where to go. Almost every day his government is lending huge amounts for private sectors with a clause that states no outsourcing and no H1B. Nevertheless, this is what Democracy does right, instead of working for the benefit of the people it works for the benefit of a (or some) group which is powerful. When the oil czar ruled during the Bush era, gas at the pump was 4 dollars. The moment he went everything magically came back. Couple of years ago, airline industries was complaining how they could not survive in the current state and lobbied for change. Now there is a bigger issue then airline industry and everything is good for now in their world. They are still running, no one has filled for bankruptcy, so what changed? It’s just their lobbyist are busy with something bigger now, they can always come back to airlines when everything is back to normal, when they got nothing else to do.

A democracy aficionado might argue that the benefits far outlay the drawbacks. Maybe in west, particularly French revolution might have brought in political equalities between the ruling elite and commoners but that’s an Oddity. Even though Marxism is aimed at the same, it didn’t achieve it through Democracy. For a political newbie, growth within a democratic party can happen by couple of ways, either by money or by using thugs. You and I can only sit and hope things turn up for good, but it will never be. Look at the third front in India, expect the communist (My relationship with communism is as that with Gandhi, I respect what it stands for but it will never work) everyone else in there is for his or her own political gain. They don’t give a damn about anything else. In Pakistan it’s even worse, when highest court in the country orders you to step down, what does Nawaz Sharif do? Tries to play with the already fragile democracy. So tell me what does democracy achieve through all this? Nothing.

A new world order is the need of the hour but the sad state of it is that it will only happen after a catastrophe.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gandhi -

Even when we use the bath tissue we have a reason and purpose. The way Indians are treating Gandhi is a complete disgrace. See, I don’t agree with many things Gandhi said and followed but still I respect him more than anyone else. Indians are such a selfish breed that nothing matters when it comes to their personal need. The way this auction of Gandhi’s belonging was handled is a complete disaster. Gandhi lived his life for his principles; one such principle is “Satya”. Quoting Gandhi’s own words “Without truth nothing”. With that our beloved Indian Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni comes out and says that she and her government helped Mallya to get Gandhi’s belonging. Now Mallya bluntly rejected her statement and said that he bought it on his own. When you lie to get cheap publicity on the very man who lived for truth shows you how sad the state of India is.

Not one person in India stood up and questioned Ambika Soni, because it doesn’t matter does it? Who cares about Gandhi? After all, give it a couple of month and you wouldn’t be surprised to find these items in the dumpster behind Indian parliament.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bharat Matha Ki Jay –

Liquor man fights for Gandhi’s India and buys his personal belonging. Great. Gandhi would have loved it.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey “N” Ram

I was perplexed at reading the recent article by N. Ram, “The Hindu” Editor-in-chief regarding Tibet’s status under China. I do understand that Ram is a committed communist and that every individual has his right for expression (I wonder whether I can say the same under communist China). But for me it is hard to buy his view that Tibet is much better under Communist China rather than to be a sovereign nation. Mr. Ram puts forth couple of argument
1.Tibet has prospered under China
2.Tibet is secluded from China that it still holds its distinctiveness and that normal Chinese don’t want to move to Tibet.

Well, it looks like Mr. Ram has taken leaf from British imperialism. The British sincerely believed that by ruling countries like India and China they were doing a favor to natives. What Australian government has done for Aborigines and what the Canadian did to Indians in their land are similar to what Mr. Ram is proposing. Quoting economical prosperities successive government has kidnapped young kids and put them in foster homes to give them Western education. Now will Mr. Ram argue the same way in these cases?

If a person from West proposes an idea such as Ram’s, I could understand but for a guy who was born in India to propose an idea such as this truly baffles me. If normal Chinese don’t want anything to do with Tibet then why does Chinese government still holding them? India could very well use the same argument as the Chinese and invade countries such as Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and even Afghanistan because technically British ruled the entire region under its “Raj”. So will Mr. Ram propose that idea too?

Being a loyal Communist is all good but using such idiotic arguments such as economical prosperities and other such schemes to crush people’s freedom is utter nonsense.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Where did these leaders go?

Question - தமிழக அரசின் இலவச உணவு, சீருடை திட்டத்தை ஆதரிக்கிறீர்களா?

Morarji Desai - எதையும், யாருக்கும் இலவசமாக அளிப்பதை நான் ஆதரிக்கவில்லை. மக்களைப் பிச்சைக்காரர்களாக்கும் திட்டம் இது.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

AR Rahman

எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுகே - Couldn't have used better words. Congratulation.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comedy Time

If you need a daily dose of "Comedy" then all you have to do is read Indian Newspaper. It feels as if for these Journalist college education is something alien. Even though they make me laugh, I am really saddened by the current state of Indian Newspaper.

Here is an example,
"இதில் திருட்டு பயத்தை நீக்கும் எளிதில் உடைக்க முடியாத கதவுகளை கொண்ட ஆன்டி-லாக் பிரேகிங் சிஸ்டம்"
How they merge anti lock breaking system with car doors? God only knows!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

தமிழக பட்ஜெட் -

இல‌‌ங்கை அக‌திக‌ள் மறுவா‌ழ்‌வு‌ - ஒது‌க்‌கீடு ரூ.5 கோடி

இலவச கலர் டி.வி - ஒதுக்கீடு ரூ. 500 கோடி

Yeah, and the Indian Government is screwing Srilankan Tamils... As I stated many times before, Dravidian parties are the worst that could have happened for Tamil Nadu.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, They are from Pakistan

"Yes, the Terroist are from Paksitan" Pakistan interior ministry. Now what????

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you are a Hindu -

Couple of Statesman editors (Newspaper from Calcutta) Ravindra Kumar and Anand Sinha was arrested on charges of offending Islam. Muslims in Calcutta went up in arms demanding that they be punished. They republished an article for UK’s Independent daily entitled “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?” In the article the author Johann Hari writes
"I don't respect the idea that we should follow a 'Prophet' who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn't follow him."

This is where the hypocrisy in India (and that of the world) is at its best. For example, people like Periyar have walked the street with slipper garland on Lord Ram’s picture which was looked as a mark of a new beginning. Now a journalist publishes something (which by the way is not fictional) about Prophet and the entire world goes against them as if they were trying to defame Islam.

Everyone has their right, that’s why I say if Periyar feels that he has to disrespect Lord Ram to prove his ideology, fine. The same should be applied to everyone in the land. Why should I accept everything thrown at me in the name of Islam and keep my mouth shut but at the same time every moron in this world can criticize Hinduism as if it were his birth right.

Islam spreads through terror, and Christianity spreads through money. If people talk against Christian missionaries and what they have done to the natives, he or she becomes a racist, and barbaric. Just read what these missionaries have done to indigenous people in South America, Papua New Guinea and in remote parts of India. The other day I saw a name board in Tamil held area of Sri Lanka “American Christian Missionaries” What in the world an American religious missionaries doing in war ravaged country. In Mongolia the fastest growing religion now in Christianity, I guess people just woke up one day and decide to convert.

Looks like I just took my ranting in a different direction, going back to my main point. If you say we should have freedom of expression then that should be applied to everyone. If you say no then, let’s file a law suit against Karunanidhi and his followers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One for All - All four one

No, I did not make a mistake while typing. All 4 in my house are sick. Man it sounds like a medical clinic in my house. At any given time at least one is either coughing or sneezing.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rafa Nadal

Rafa Nadal, no matter what people say about Bjorn Borg, Rod Laver, Ivan Lendl, Becker, Pet Samprass and of course Roger, he is truly the best player ever to touch the Tennis Racquets.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Payback – Brahma Style

By now almost all Hindus know how the 2 main deities of Hinduism (Vishnu and Siva) have vanished Brahma from the main stream. I was looking at the work by Godfrey Higgins, who argues that Abraham and Brahma are one and the same. He adds how Abraham’s wife Sarah is similar to Brahma’s wife Sara-swati.

I know it was a bad idea to vanish Brahma from Hinduism, look what He has done. Revenge is sweet. He now has more followers then both put together!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ethics in India

May be the recent events in Satyam triggered me to write something about ethics in India, but I don’t buy this crap that Indian media and Indians (as a whole) try to sell. These morons argue that India a land of many messiahs was not at fault and that the actions by Ramalinga Raju are purely in the mind of one corrupt individual.

We Indians are one of the corrupt individuals in the world. We try to mask our actions under some fake righteousness within our religion. We try to mask our actions under some man made injustice in our land 100 or 200 years ago. We try to mask our actions with caste, poverty and other such BS.

Be it the driver license office, be it in the airport, and be it the auto drivers, we never hesitate to throw some extra dough to get what’s best for us. Recently, my family got an offer for our property, a whooping 70 percent in black money; where in the hell did they guy get this money? God only knows. All these are not corruption in our land; these are part and parcel of life. Well when we are ready to vote for color television, and some scantily clad actress then I guess there is nothing wrong with it.

I feel sorry for Ramalinga Raju, may be he got what he deserved but if for a minute we think that this incident is an anomaly; well, then I have to say that our news media has done its part.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, If Only!!!

If at all there is a sports town for Indians, then it should be Cleveland. We have football team named Browns; we have baseball team named Indians, if only the basketball team could be named “Desis” instead of Cavaliers!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Madras Bashai

For all those who complain that I waste my time in wikipedia, where would you think one can get information like this?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slum Dog Millionaire

At least Amitabh agrees with me on Slum Dog Millionaire


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்‏

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்‏


Thursday, January 8, 2009

When Death defines Religion –

What is religion? What is our expectation from it? Do we follow religion to extend our life either through heaven or hell? Is our morality an action based on our afterlife?

Once a well learned man made it heaven. For his surprise, he saw his neighbor who led a sinful life right there with him. He rushed to God and questioned how his neighbor could earn a place in heaven on par with someone who led a perfect life just to reach heaven. God asked him what he wants Him to do. For that the learned man replied that He should either send his neighbor to hell or send him back to earth so that he could taste those sinful pleasures.

What is religion? Why do you need religion? If you are a proponent of Abraham’s version then your life on earth is a test, if you pass you go to Heaven, if you fail you end up in Hell. To help you pass, there are some predefined rules. These rules are given to you through Bible or Quran. You pass if you follow these rules, if not you fail. It’s as simple as that. For people who are on the verge of failing there are modes available to make a last minute hurl to get you on the good side.

On the other hand if you are a proponent of Dharmic religion, then there is no test. Life on this world is for you to figure out there are no rules, only guidance. There is no Hell or Heaven only reincarnation. How rules differ from guidance? Let’s say you have kid, and you want to teach him how fire could hurt him. You can either issue a decree (say no one touches fire) or you sit with him and teach him the negative aspect of fire. Once your role as a teacher ends, how your kid reacts is with him. May be you have done a good job and your kid never plays with fire or may be you have missed your point and your kid learns it by touching fire. Your job here is to assist your kid to make the right decision and that you don’t force your will on him.

If you are intuitive, you might say what’s the big deal? After all if you follow Eastern or Western philosophy the underlying principle is to make people moral. Good enough, I have no argument over there but the question here his, do we follow religion for morality? Or do we follow religion for enlightenment? Or do we follow religion to extend our life beyond our death? This friends, is the key. There is a reason why Gandhi named his book “My experiments with truth”. Truth comes through experiments; No one is born with infinite knowledge and enlightenment is attained through first hand experience. Truth doesn’t come through by following books; doesn’t come through by performing Pujas or by following myths. Truth my friends come through knowledge and knowledge alone. So the question is how can you get enlightenment if you follow a scared book such as Bible, Quran or Gita without questioning or understanding it?

Buddha once said, “Do not believe in anything, no matter where you heard it, or who said it, even if it has been handed down over the generations, or has come from your own imagination, unless after careful consideration it agrees with your own sense of reason, and is good for the welfare of all beings, only then should you believe it and follow it.”

Religion my friends is a carrier, it should you aid in getting a clear understanding of life and it’s surrounding. When people ask me, why there are so many Gods in India, I quote them the words from Prof. Jeaneane Fowler from University of Wales College, Newport:

“The relationship between the many manifest deities and the un-manifest Brahman is rather like that between the sun and its rays. We cannot experience the sun itself but we can experience its rays and the qualities, which those rays have. And, although the sun’s rays are many, ultimately, there is only one source, one sun. So the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism amount to thousands, all representing the many aspects of Brahman”

I don’t think anyone can explain this any better. Human beings are not mass produced in a God made factory, everyone is unique. Even though your sons or daughter might resemble you, they have their unique self. Given that, it is rudimentary to assume that what you or your forefathers thought was logical or spiritual might or should hold good for your sons and daughters. It’s not that one’s belief is wrong, it’s more that ones decision about spirituality or existence shouldn’t be forced upon by their forefathers or environment. It should be based on one’s understanding. That’s exactly what Hinduism provides us. Freedom, freedom to choose what’s good for you and what you feel is the right way to attain Moksha. It is true that religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all arrived with an aim to negate Hinduism. The preachers of those religions saw or felt that what’s put forth in front of them through Hinduism is wrong and proposed a new way of living. If it were not India or if it was not Hinduism these new ideas along with their leaders would have been crushed to earth. But not here, in here we respect individuals and their ideas, and thank heavens for that. This religious tolerance of our forefathers has brought in (in my view) the best preaching of all “Buddhism”.

In conclusion, be happy that we belong to a society which preaches this tolerance. Be happy that you practice a religion which lets you question God. Do you think all these senseless killings in the name of religion will get you somewhere? When a religion forces women not to get educated, forces its followers not to read or understand what others are preaching, promises heaven through actions which in no way reflect God’s action; you must understand that there might be underlying insecurity. These religions want humans to waste a privilege which has been given to them, Human mind. Never get confined to what you know or what you think is right. It takes a great will to question your belief. But that’s the only way to attain salvation. Religion is not here to save you from death. Religion is not here to promote you to Heaven where you could have 7 Virgins. Religion is not here to aid you a moral life. Religion is here to aid you understand life; Religion is here to aid you understand that power of love; Religion is here to let you live your life in harmony with others.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ranji Semi - Tamil Nadu Loses

After a promising start this year, Tamil Nadu lost its Ranji Semifinal match against UP continuing its age old tradition of losing at the big stage? At least Balaji came back strong this season and couple of other Tamil Nadu batsman had a great year. Upset, but not dissatisfied.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dec 21, 2012

This is my second post on the same issue. Every day my belief on this dooms day scenario is growing bigger and bigger....Wonder whether I should respect my intuition and prepare for it or ignore it as another false belief?

Friday, January 2, 2009