End Game for BJP -

I am totally at shock with election results in India. Honestly, I now have serious doubt about BJP's future? It's highly unlikely that Advani will be leading the party next election, given that BJP has got no national leader!!! Words can't explain the pain I feel now.

DMK leading in Tamil Nadu? How the heck did that happen? I am happy that the caste based parties lost in Tamil Nadu though, except may be for Thiru Ma. PMK lost all its seat, I say good for the state....


Ela said…
Hmmm...i also kind of felt surprised by the results in TN.... but hey... the otherwise is also not so sweet..so what the heck!!!
Slogger said…
I agree, in Tamilnadu you have an option between 2 evils.
But I am at loss with Congress landslide win

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