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Carnage in Mumbai

Don't know whether to cry or scream. One thing though, if at all there was a soft corner in my heart which propagated the idea of Hindus and Muslims to coexist, that vanished today. What kind of people are they, then again why blame them? They just follow what Quran asks them to do.

Happy Birthday, Son –

My son turns 7 today. I feel as if it was yesterday that I was holding him in my arms. 7 years just flew by, but it was filled with wonderful memories.

Happy Birthday, Anish!

Ahimsa –

“Given the choice between violence and cowardly flight, I choose violence.” – Gandhi.

Any fool can follow Ahimsa, because for a coward it’s an easy path, it’s a safe haven. There is a reason why people in India follow Ahimsa; there is a reason why people in India like to be called Gandhians; there is a reason why we call Non-Hindu’s our brothers, because Indians are cowards.

Sometime ago, I talked about how Indian politicians (Congress and leaders like Mayawati, Mulyam Singh, Karunanidhi) are playing with India. But being the cowards that we are this was never an issue. Oppression of poor and illiterate can only go so long. Take for example how conservative Islam spread in some parts of Africa. 20 years ago State and Islam never got mixed, but the disintegration of State and sheer disrespect for human life has brought in a new bread of fundamentalist within Islam. Of course this new bread is supported by money from Middle East, who want Allah to force his will through out the world.…

Law College fiasco –

Let see, if the police has stepped in and arrested these so called Law College students, then students would have went on strike, broken couple of buses and claimed that the police has stepped in without any warrant (It has happened before). Now that they didn’t, it’s the inactiveness of the police? These freaking assholes, why were they celebrating Devar’s birthday in college? What that bastard has done is started a way to celebrate caste in Tamil Nadu, and now he is a hero!!! Because of him leaders like Ramdoss, Thirumal Vallavan, Sarath Kumar have found out that caste based political system is successful and taken it to a different level.
The way colleges run in Chennai (not all, most of them) is a joke. Colleges like Nandanam, Madras Law College are breading grounds for budding political superstars; all they do there is riot and degrade women. Back in 1992 when I was a student of CEG, I used to travel in 45B. The amount of abuse these so called students from Nandanam did to women…


You open the door one day, you find a beautiful flower. You think to yourself, “Is there anything prettier than this?” You get ready to pick the flower, and flourish it. You want to keep it close, you want to keep it safe, and above all you want to keep it for yourself. At that moment, your mind points out that you are going kill a life. You argue that it will die anyhow. Your mind replies, “At least let it live its life with glory. Let there be many more like you, who could enjoy its splendor, its beauty and its presence”.


There are many comical events which originate from UN but nothing compares to their latest stint. Saudi Arabia is going to lead UN faith forum. After laughing out hysterically, wondered how much more money can buy. Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world that’s the fact and the place where it flourishes is a hotspot where religious minorities suffer the most. An article in Washington Post states how King of Saudi Arabia refuses to sit in the same room with Israel’s representative, with morons like this heading faith forum, future looks better and better.

Victory –

For a community which celebrates the Not-Guilty verdict of a Killer as a victory for their race; for a community for whom once sitting next to a white man was considered a crime; for a community whom a normal white man can only associate with rap music or crime; getting an opportunity to sit as an elite, is a great change indeed.
Mr. Obama, I have seen this all, I have been through it all. Mr. Obama, a caste system or a community differntiated by color is one and the same. I have seen innumerable politician like you who promised change, but they found out pretty quickly that there is an advantage in keeping these underprivileged in the same place where they found them. Because once you resolve, there is nothing to do. Mr. Obama, our politician have found out that they are in a better position by slicing and dicing the same issue and presenting a different view for 50 years. We are still waiting for the promised change. Hope you are different Mr. Obama, hope you are really the change …

Obama for President

My Son - Daddy, Are you voting?
Me - Why?
My Son - You have to vote for Obama?
Me - Why?
My Son - Have you ever seen a brown President?
Me - No.
MY Son - I want to see a brown President.
Me - Color doesn’t have anything to do with presidency. Who ever is capable and who ever the people choose, gets to be the President.
My Son - You know nothing Daddy.

10 Year Anniversary

I was a guy who contemplated the idea of returning home after my first month in US. This October, I am completing 10 years, that's pretty impressive indeed...