Victory –

For a community which celebrates the Not-Guilty verdict of a Killer as a victory for their race; for a community for whom once sitting next to a white man was considered a crime; for a community whom a normal white man can only associate with rap music or crime; getting an opportunity to sit as an elite, is a great change indeed.
Mr. Obama, I have seen this all, I have been through it all. Mr. Obama, a caste system or a community differntiated by color is one and the same. I have seen innumerable politician like you who promised change, but they found out pretty quickly that there is an advantage in keeping these underprivileged in the same place where they found them. Because once you resolve, there is nothing to do. Mr. Obama, our politician have found out that they are in a better position by slicing and dicing the same issue and presenting a different view for 50 years. We are still waiting for the promised change. Hope you are different Mr. Obama, hope you are really the change you promised.


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