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Gandhism – A false Ideology

Yesterday, I was reading Vikatan and came across an article ''யாருக்கும் வெட்கம் இல்லை' ஜூ.வி. இதழில் தமிழருவி மணியன்;
The author was belligerent about a proposal to increase politicians’ salary. As any good Indian he references lots of material involving Gandhi and demands that the politicians should work for free and states that politics is social work and couldn’t contemplate the idea of money in politics.

Over the past 50 years, starting with Nehru our politicians has done some great work to hijack Mahatma Gandhi’s principle into a false ideology. Like Marxism, Mahatma Gandhi did propose a new political philosophy, there is no denying it, but even the guy who was handpicked by Mahatma Gandhi didn’t follow his principle. He did make sure to use the name and manipulate his principle into something which is totally different from what Mahatma Gandhi preached.

One of the biggest beliefs with the so called Mahatma Gandhi’s followers is that to be a good politician…


For the third week in a row, my young one got wheezing. Sunday it became so bad they admitted him in the hospital. Poor guy had all kinds of needles in his hand, unbearable. Anyhow back at home now, on medication, hope he makes a full recovery. Really rough here in US, all by ourselves, have to juggle work and family. Since my wife started to work it became even tougher. Miss the family support!!!


When will it end?

Iron Man

My son and I spent the Sunday on the new Iron Man Movie. Movie was OK nothing spectacular. One thing I don’t understand in these new age movies is the philosophy of unmasking the superhero. For me, to be superhero, being “stealth” is one of the necessary point. But in today’s picture, No!!! In the movie at the end, Iron Man addresses a News conference and says “Yeah, I am Iron Man!!” What’s with that? The same thing in Spiderman movie!!! (Well at least it was not a news conference)

And another thing, Why try to show the human side of a superhero. Well, for that I would see Mahanadhi and cry for about a day. We go to Rajnikanth and Spiderman movie to see the hero kicking some bad guys butt….

SpongeBob Squarepants –

Between me and my 6 year old, we both might be the biggest fans of SpongeBob Square Pants. I know, I know, a naysayer would say that a six year old shouldn’t be watching SpongeBob Squarepants, but the show is damn funny. Here are some of the quotes.

Spongebob: Patrick look what we have found.
Patrick: Well, What is it?
Spongebob: If you press this button, it will make everyone dumb.
Patrick: Lets do it?
Spongebob: Click
Patrick & Spongebob: Duhhh
Spongebob: Click
Patrick: Duhhh
Spongebob: Patrick, I turned off the machine hours ago, why is it still you are acting dumb.
Patrick: Duhhh

Patrick: are they laughing at us?
Spongebob: no, Patrick. They’re laughing next to us.

Squidward: Would you not stand so close. I'm getting claustrophobic.
Patrick: What does claustrophobic mean?
Spongebob: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus!
Squidward: No it doesn’t!
Patrick: HO HO HO!
Spongebob: Stop it Patrick you’re scaring him!
Patrick: HO HO HO!

Spongebob: what do you usually do when I’m gone?
Patrick: wa…

The Darjeeling Limited

Nice movie. Movie has lots of sublime messages hidden beneath humorous cast and theme. Metaphors for death, external burden, spiritual journeys etc are all over the place. If you have time, should be a good watch.

A Friend Called I.Ra

A good friend of mine (weird but good) called me over the weekend. I was seriously looking for jobs in management, and as if he had copy of my brain, advised not to go into management. I cursed him with couple of Tamil words which cannot be repeated here and asked why? He says that as per my astrological signs, managing people is not one of my strength. After spending time and resources on MBA, PMP and 6 Sigma he tells me this. I think I am going to cry....

Yao Ming - Restaurant

Yesterday, had a business trip to Houston. We had lunch at Yao's restaurant. Decent, not extraordinary. As most desis, had an option to choose between TSO Chicken and Kong pow Chicken. Kong pow was OK. Then the Guy told me about a special room within the restaurant, where all Yao's basketball friends have food. It seems that the room has high chair, high ceiling, no kidding!!!