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Easter Message from Pope

I read an article in CNN regarding the Easter message from Pope. The Pope addressed the sufferings in Middle East, Africa and Asia. I don't understand what's his point is? He blamed religion for all the death, but he forgot to name what religion it is?
In my view, if not for Abraham, the entire world would have been a better place. The struggle between the so called brothers has caused so much blood, so much hatred that things are unbearable.
The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians, Chinese, all had great culture. The drive by Christianity (Europeans) has demolished every culture in the name of God. Not to be left behind the Muslims matched them act to act.
It would be better if the Pope address the issue head on. Tell the world that Christians are the reason for the suffering. He should act on the source of suffering. May be he wants everyone to convert to Christianity thus everyone can live in harmony.
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