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Somehow makes me proud -

'பல வேடிக்கை மனிதரைப் போலே நான் வீழ்வேன் என நினைத்தாயோ...' - பாரதி

A new poll

I started a poll to check the popularity of Narendra Modi. Please vote and if possible request your friends too.

Worst yet to come –

I don’t know how many people follow my posts nevertheless as I stated in January 08, stock market has taken a substantial hit. If we assume that the worst is over, we are in for some surprise. Just like the Mortgage sub prime lending the next wave will the Credit Card sub prime lending.
So, for people who saw Bush’s speech yesterday and feel that by investing 700 Billion Tax Payer’s money will somehow magically bring economy back on track, all I can say is Good luck to you. I am sure that if this plan passes through (which I believe it will) they (greedy CEOs) will back tomorrow for another 700 Billion.
Almost everyone read about Iacocca, he proved to the world on how to manipulate a government to get what you want. All these new CEOs have grownup idealizing Iacocca so everyone is after Uncle Sam to bail them out.
The current trend in USA is on par with what happened when Soviet Union collapsed. When American forced communist Soviet Union to become a capitalist Russia, it was free …


Your destiny will never bring happiness through an unhappy journey; it doesn’t work out that way. The way you feel today or the way you feel throughout your journey, is the way it will continue to be. So start enjoying your journey, invariably it will bring up a happy ending.

Victory – Freedom of Expression

Earlier this week, Supreme Court of India made a landmark ruling on “Freedom of Expression”, by refusing to launch criminal proceedings on Mr. MF Husain, based on his painting of nude goddess in the shape of the Indian map.
So, I guess we ready for Cartoons based on Muhammad?

I am in a soup!!!

My boss is a nice guy, but he is new to IT so he totally at loss in an IT meeting. My colleagues all understand this, so each and everyone takes advantage of him. For example, if a project requires X amount of time and Y amount of Dollars, the projection from my colleagues are always X+10 and Y+10.
I should have played it safe and kept my mouth shut, but being a guy who is screwed up in his head, I confronted him and told him that he should take a deeper look at estimates and projects as a whole.
Now, what do you think happened? Here is sequence of events over the last 1 month.

a. My boss came to me and said he going to raise my salary by 4 percent.
b. He informed me that, it’s acceptable to aim high in life, but asked me not to step on others on my way.
c. He questioned why I need an MBA and PMP to do my current job
d. He asked me not to leave my job in the middle of a project.
e. My colleagues took offence of what I did, and thus everyone giving me a cold shoulder.

Don’t kno…


After 2 months of hunting, finally moved in to a new house. Settling in.