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திருக்கடையூரில் திராவிட கழகங்கள்

While it’s improper to judge a man when he is down, the same rule can’t be applied for Karunanidhi and his party men. A yellow shawl, a quick visit by Sai baba to bless him and his family were all shushed as irrelevant; now with his smart ass attitude Karunanidhi will again deem his wife’s visit to Thirukadaiyur as irrelevant. All his life he portrayed himself as a savior of Dravidians and synchronized the word Dravidians with someone who is an atheist, now his wife spends her time at temples to bless her husband with long life and prosperity. May be Karunanidhi will come up with a smart ass comment that it was his second wife and that, technically (since she is illegal) it doesn’t count…. I would like to quote something from Douglas MacArthur which describes this scoundrel better,

“Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old by deserting their ideals. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear;…

Debacle under Democracy –

Is Democracy working? It’s definitely not in Asian and South American countries where the ruling elite have successfully hijacked the idea and rule the state by corruption and terror. The west is not better either, in here Democracy is held up by economic prosperity and I do agree that educated masses do play a role. With just under a year of recession, America already organizes itself into major groups with each going after the government for its own benefit. This is exactly what happens in India, doesn’t it? In countries like India, where people have to work with limited resources, they go at it through flawed methods. Each form a group for his or her own liking, may it be the caste, state, language or what ever it is that could be grouped together. If you have your strength in number then you will get what you want. Once you have the power now it becomes necessary to suppress other groups from propping up. If you have achieved your power through corruption, what else will you use t…

Gandhi -

Even when we use the bath tissue we have a reason and purpose. The way Indians are treating Gandhi is a complete disgrace. See, I don’t agree with many things Gandhi said and followed but still I respect him more than anyone else. Indians are such a selfish breed that nothing matters when it comes to their personal need. The way this auction of Gandhi’s belonging was handled is a complete disaster. Gandhi lived his life for his principles; one such principle is “Satya”. Quoting Gandhi’s own words “Without truth nothing”. With that our beloved Indian Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni comes out and says that she and her government helped Mallya to get Gandhi’s belonging. Now Mallya bluntly rejected her statement and said that he bought it on his own. When you lie to get cheap publicity on the very man who lived for truth shows you how sad the state of India is.

Not one person in India stood up and questioned Ambika Soni, because it doesn’t matter does it? Who cares about Gandhi? …

Bharat Matha Ki Jay –

Liquor man fights for Gandhi’s India and buys his personal belonging. Great. Gandhi would have loved it.