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Tax Money - Don't Ask/Won't Get

If you agree to the concept that every man is for himself, and capitalism is a true model which works for the benefit of the community as whole, then there shouldn’t be any complaints about Hurricane Harvey disaster. Rampant corruption in India didn’t stop money being spent on infrastructure, but every state here in US refuse to spend Tax Money on infrastructure. Tax money is not for politician to live a cushy life with their buddies from big conglomerates, it for regular people to have a decent life. The view it looks like is that the money you pay as tax is for the privilege to call yourself as a US citizen rather than the quality of life you get.

Meryl Streep

Never a big fan of Movie personalities talking politics, that includes Meryl Streep. The election loss, has much to do with alienating a majority by the so-called elites who saw themselves as the one to guide the majority who in their view were backward and uneducated. If Meryl has gone out in support when the actual mocking of a disabled person occurred, that would have been in good intention but to use the show as a launching pad for an assault on President elect is in poor taste. Mocking in SNL was in the same vein, it was simply revolting, not funny.