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If you want to fight ISIS, then fight the Saudis....


All you need is to watch Fox for few minutes, that's enough to make your blood boil. How could anyone defend Israel school bombing...

Big Plans...

I never plan, not because I don't like to just because it never works. So the wish (not plan) is to visit Greece and Turkey next year. Hope it works out....

Senseless Fights..

Another senseless fight started by the West, and useless humans from the east are dead. I don't think either bbc or cnn is covering about the deaths of innocent lives, they are quick to point fingers at Russia though. Heart is heavy thinking about those whose family members were on that flight.


Looks like tattoos are in with Indian Crowd; Every Indian cricketer is wearing a tattoo these days, Gangstas....More like morons.

Summer 2014

Got to say it was one of the hectic summer I had in a long time; Lasvegas, Grand Canyon, Orlando (twice), Miami, Greensboro (twice) so for 6 weeks in a row I didn't spend a weekend at home. Looking forward for a weekend of peace and quite.

And the Question is...

Well, I thought judgement could be made when my Kids are 18 but it looks like it might come home little early...


It's tough to carry your life everyday with a smile on your face

Gas war..

So the west starts another war to feed their need. Russian monopoly over Gas price is a big no-no for EU, so what can they do? Through NATO start another war to get cheap gas through Ukraine. 20 years ago, a proxy war like this happened in complete secrecy such as the banana war but now west is getting bolder and bolder. Pretty soon they are gonna get their ass burned that's for sure.

Islam & Vaccination

While Vaccination is deemed proper in Saudi, it's not OK in the battle ground states such as Pakistan and Nigeria. Idiots.


Even the dogs at Sochi gets more coverage than the revolt in Venezuela.