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Payback – Brahma Style

By now almost all Hindus know how the 2 main deities of Hinduism (Vishnu and Siva) have vanished Brahma from the main stream. I was looking at the work by Godfrey Higgins, who argues that Abraham and Brahma are one and the same. He adds how Abraham’s wife Sarah is similar to Brahma’s wife Sara-swati.

I know it was a bad idea to vanish Brahma from Hinduism, look what He has done. Revenge is sweet. He now has more followers then both put together!!!!

Ethics in India

May be the recent events in Satyam triggered me to write something about ethics in India, but I don’t buy this crap that Indian media and Indians (as a whole) try to sell. These morons argue that India a land of many messiahs was not at fault and that the actions by Ramalinga Raju are purely in the mind of one corrupt individual.

We Indians are one of the corrupt individuals in the world. We try to mask our actions under some fake righteousness within our religion. We try to mask our actions under some man made injustice in our land 100 or 200 years ago. We try to mask our actions with caste, poverty and other such BS.

Be it the driver license office, be it in the airport, and be it the auto drivers, we never hesitate to throw some extra dough to get what’s best for us. Recently, my family got an offer for our property, a whooping 70 percent in black money; where in the hell did they guy get this money? God only knows. All these are not corruption in our land; these are part and parc…

Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, If Only!!!

If at all there is a sports town for Indians, then it should be Cleveland. We have football team named Browns; we have baseball team named Indians, if only the basketball team could be named “Desis” instead of Cavaliers!!!

Madras Bashai

For all those who complain that I waste my time in wikipedia, where would you think one can get information like this?

Slum Dog Millionaire

At least Amitabh agrees with me on Slum Dog Millionaire

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்‏

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துகள்‏


When Death defines Religion –

What is religion? What is our expectation from it? Do we follow religion to extend our life either through heaven or hell? Is our morality an action based on our afterlife?

Once a well learned man made it heaven. For his surprise, he saw his neighbor who led a sinful life right there with him. He rushed to God and questioned how his neighbor could earn a place in heaven on par with someone who led a perfect life just to reach heaven. God asked him what he wants Him to do. For that the learned man replied that He should either send his neighbor to hell or send him back to earth so that he could taste those sinful pleasures.

What is religion? Why do you need religion? If you are a proponent of Abraham’s version then your life on earth is a test, if you pass you go to Heaven, if you fail you end up in Hell. To help you pass, there are some predefined rules. These rules are given to you through Bible or Quran. You pass if you follow these rules, if not you fail. It’s as simple as that. Fo…

Ranji Semi - Tamil Nadu Loses

After a promising start this year, Tamil Nadu lost its Ranji Semifinal match against UP continuing its age old tradition of losing at the big stage? At least Balaji came back strong this season and couple of other Tamil Nadu batsman had a great year. Upset, but not dissatisfied.

Dec 21, 2012

This is my second post on the same issue. Every day my belief on this dooms day scenario is growing bigger and bigger....Wonder whether I should respect my intuition and prepare for it or ignore it as another false belief?

Hello World

Happy New Year.