Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An enigma called Rajni –

Have you seen the new advertisement from Pepsi, with Dhoni? Or one of the all time best, ICL Superstar advertisement? 10 years back, there used to be a Big’n Murugan advertisement in Channel V, have you seen it?

Have you ever tried to walk in the street, with red pants and green blazer? Can parents encourage their kid to watch a man flip a cigarette into his mouth? Can a certified grandfather, dance around with girls who are barely over their teen years? With all their talks about Dravidians, is it possible to hijack a mass when you don’t even speak their language right?

I can go on, but what makes Rajni click? The name “Rajni” sells, why? The society which is deprived of common essentials in life is badly in need of a superhero. They want their superhero to come out of thin air and save them. Alas, but as with every good superhero, Rajni exist only in fantasy world. But Rajni the name can make them forget their starving family, their volatile future, their abusive environment and everything around them and make them laugh and fight the evil villain for about 3 hours of their life. For that, I say good job Rajni.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepless Nights

My son is sick. I really don't know what the diagonisis is? They just treat him with albuterol whenever I take him and he feels better for couple of days and gets hit again. We have spent 2 week in a row that we have spent the weekend at the hospital. Poor guy, hope he gets better soon.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A moron named Harbajan –

I want to address what Harbajan Singh is doing now. First, let’s get the facts right. He called Symonds a “Monkey” and that’s the truth. What he did was a mistake, but our so called God of Indian Cricket, Mr. Tendulkar defended him and he got out without a scratch. Now today, his arrogance has gone so far, he hit Sreesanath. I know this will also be brushed under the carpet, but in my view he should be suspended from IPL this year without pay. But, I want to see what our God Mr. Tendulkar will do now. He is after all the Mumbai team’s captain.

People like Gavaskar and Shastri where so eager to jump on sledging by the Australian, but I am yet to hear any comment on this from them. Protect your house first, then we can think about our neighbours. Morons....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Atheist!! Who me?

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, and I was talking to him about Krishnamurthy, and he put me and Krishnamurthy in the “Atheist” group. If only my grandmother could hear him, she would banish him to an ungodly world. People, who know me, might go on hunger strike and request (rather demand) him to take the words out of our conversation and won’t withdraw until he offers unconditional apology.

Jokes aside, is that were I leaning to? All my life, I have been deeply religious; I used to pray for hours. People think that I spiritually enlightened one. For example, some time back, I walked into a room, where my brother’s mother-in-law was reading and discussing a book about meditation to some of her friends. The moment she saw me, she introduced me to her friends and said, that I have the power to go into deep meditative state by the snap of a finger. I asked her, where she got that idea from? She told me that she has seen me in the prayer room, sitting and performing puja for hours. I did not continue the conversation because I know I can’t, I just moved on.

For the most part, I am still religious but I am pondering or challenging my mind to find some unanswered question. To achieve this, I am utilizing some tools and theories. One such theory is prophesied by Jiddu Krishnamurthy. The fundamental question from his thought process is to question ourselves why we need God. As per him, one such element which drives us blindly to a faith is fear, fear of death, fear of rejection (from the environment such as family, society, and friends), fear about future etc. So how do we overcome fear? With the help of 2 key elements; creative thinking and unadultered learning. What is unadultered learning? When one associates himself with a group based on religion or country then his learning is limited to that group isn’t it? One may be so sure that religion or his country is the best, thus he forgets to think beyond his limitation. So he asks us to forget these limitations and let the mind work on his own.

To further amplify, lets discuss why do we perform pujas or why do we go to church or mosque. Every religion promises heaven except Buddhism where everything is in a cycle of some cosmic events. Nevertheless, we confine ourselves in a given path, to achieve a Promised Land. But are we sure that these codes will lead us there? Or to take it the next level are we sure that there exist a promise land? Science has the changed the world we live in upside down. Given that, can we still go on life with Adam and Eve theory without questioning it? Hinduism is better off, because the religion is flexible, there is no fixed rule. It is up to the human to figure his path. With that, I am happy that my religion lets me ponder the truth or even question the scared text. That freedom now lets me contemplate the effectiveness or importance of pujas. Agreed, pujas do give me a great sense of satisfaction; it does make you feel secure but is it the answer?

Sometime these so called scared path, lets the individual kill others, harm others, makes them indulge themself with a feeling that they are superior than other, but do they ever questioned their path. We don’t, because we have a fear about ourselves(how assured am I of success), fear of our environment, and by loyalty, by that I mean, if someone higher than us, may it be our parents, our religious leader, if they put forth a theory then it has to be true right? Do we take a moment and question ourselves what if?

With that complex relationship we immerse ourselves with, it’s our environment which creates reality right? Explore these realities. If we want to succeed, we have to lose this win/loss orientation. Stop this mentality that we have to be right all the time. Be conscientious, listen and understand the surrounding.

To further exemplify, from Buddha’s teaching, Just as your breath which arise and fall, you’re thought, emotion, perception of the world will rise and fall. Just as the sun, Buddha says if it arises it will subside. This is called the, the law of impermanence. This relative world we live in, which is a cosmic mix of space, time and causality, nothing is permanent. So our sufferings come from our attachment to these fields of permanence or idea of permanence which exists in the impermanent world.

Now, to the part which I still need understanding. Buddha argues not to worry about this impermanent form of yours. You are not separate from others; you are at one with everyone else. Your attachment to self and your life at this current junction makes you go through suffering. I guess he argues to get the bigger picture, some cosmic continuation of life which goes around in circle.

In the end, in our current self, Jiddu Krishnamurthy, ask us to accept self, thus accepting everything around it. How do we achieve this? He says that it is through creative thinking and unadultered learning. How do I prepare for a self like that, by not having fear, by not having a confined vision (my religion, my country).

To conclude, to answer the question put forth by my friend, I am not trying to become an atheist. I am tired of being in this rollercoaster ride, where one day you are elated and the other day you are depressed. I am tired of the environment we live in, where one’s self overtakes basic human tendencies. Finally, I am tired of life with “Fear”. To overcome these limitations, the path makes me question the fundamentals. Does it make me atheist? I don’t think so. I think it just makes me understand things better.

Note – Some of the material here are referenced from Jiddu Krishnamurthy and Chopra.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


A westerner wanted to understand eastern philosophies. So he went to the Himalayas, and started to travel along Ganges. On his path he meets a Shadhu. He looked sad. So the westerner went to him, and asked the reason. He said he left all the pleasures of life and have been searching the true meaning of happiness. He said, all these years of searching for spiritual enlightenment through many different methods and scared books didn’t help him find the answer.

Confused, the westerner continued, and he came across a fishing village. He saw an old woman, playing with her grandkids. She looked like the happiest person on earth. The westerner went to her, and asked, whether she is spiritually enlightened? Confused, the old woman told him that he did not understand the question. She replied that she is having the time of her life and she has no time for things like spiritual enlightenment.

The westerner ran back to the Shadhu, and told how he wasted all his life. He told him that he found the answer through a fisherwoman, who lives just miles across the river.

The Shadhu looked at him and said, “You can attain happiness through ignorance or through knowledge. What you saw was through ignorance, and that’s not permanent. Today she is happy because she has food on her table, her grandkids to play with. Tomorrow if one of those instances doesn’t occur she will be sad. Her life is an action based on environment. What I am searching for is happiness through knowledge, which Buddha called Nirvana.”

Thursday, April 17, 2008


"You have to be the change, which you want to see in the World. If you want the world to be happy, you have to be happy"
By Gandhi

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Ela –

Thanks. It has been a trying month. Too many thought process, too many negativity, too many constraints. In all these I forgot why I started a Blog. I stopped writing. The Blog was medium to let my mind to go free, to write what I think. But with all the commotion, I forgot about my Blog’s existence for a month. All it took was a comment from Ela to one of my post then it hit me with the reason why I blog. I don’t know whether it takes away my constraints but it sure makes you feel better. Thanks.

Somewhere in the Midlle -

During my initial days of school here in US, I went to a Business Management class. The professor asked us all a question and requested us to rank our answers between 1 to 10, based on how strongly we agree or disagree. We all choose an answer, and he then grouped us based on our answer. He grouped 1 and 2 in one set and 9 and 10 in another.
He then addressed to the people in the middle (I was one among them). He asked us to look at our thought process very clearly. He said life is like a computer, it only takes binary codes. You either go with one or zero, and there is nothing in-between. Be it business or your personnel life, choose a side and stick to it, he said.
Did I follow his advice? It has been 2 years since I finished my MBA. Still in the same old job thinking if only….