Somewhere in the Midlle -

During my initial days of school here in US, I went to a Business Management class. The professor asked us all a question and requested us to rank our answers between 1 to 10, based on how strongly we agree or disagree. We all choose an answer, and he then grouped us based on our answer. He grouped 1 and 2 in one set and 9 and 10 in another.
He then addressed to the people in the middle (I was one among them). He asked us to look at our thought process very clearly. He said life is like a computer, it only takes binary codes. You either go with one or zero, and there is nothing in-between. Be it business or your personnel life, choose a side and stick to it, he said.
Did I follow his advice? It has been 2 years since I finished my MBA. Still in the same old job thinking if only….


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