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It has been a long walk

It has been a long walk
The road has taken me through many hills and valleys
The journey has been fascinating
Never thought about where the journey might take me
It has been a long walk
Time to choose where the journey might lead me
It has been a long walk
Up ahead I see a crossroad
I see two roads, with signs for two different destinies
One seems familiar, it’s crowded
I see familiar faces
I see my parents, I see my friends
It has been a long walk
I see so many vehicles
I ask them where they take us
To destiny, comes the answer
The final resting place, says another
It has been a long walk
I see so many vehicles
Why so many? I ask them
You choose the best for you, comes the answer from one
This looks familiar
This I am comfortable with
Still, Why so many? I ask another
This is the only vehicle, comes the answer
The others are false fantasy
Choose ours; the destiny is assured. Comes the answer
It has been a long walk
I have my doubts; I tell them
You want material proof, comes the question
People have spent their l…

Root Canal

Got the root canal procedure done yesterday. Overall, it was not bad. I was thinking that the pain would be worse than an extraction, but it was not. I am a chicken when it comes to needles or any medical procedure, and I was so nervous before the procedure, that the dentist asked me to relax and I think he gave an extra strength Novocaine!!!

During the procedure, the dental assitant kept closing her eyes and turning her head, that made me wonder what exactly is the dentist doing that is so gory? That pumped up my blood pressure for a moment.

Overall, I would recommend root canal treatment. Go to wikipedia and read about root canal, and knowing about the procedure kind of helped me relax a little....

Sehwag is in the team

There we go again, What is the basis for Sehwag selection? He was not in current Indian A Team, a very successful A Team I might add, but he is added to the Senior Side. The selectors will say that Sehwag has got a good track record against Pakistan, well he might in Test, not in One Day Internationals.
PraveenKumar addition is good. It was just a matter of time, he was performing well under India A.
For me Kaif, should be the captain of the Senior Side, Dhoni is not fit to be captain, he got it because there is no one else to give the post. What a pity!!! Well that's how it goes in India right. No one can think outside the box.
Poor Dravid, What else can I say. Same goes with Badrinath, did they even tell him why he was dropped. Here is a player who is in form, and Dhoni didn't even bother to put him in the playing eleven. That shows Dhoni's brain. Raina is weird, As Srikkant once said, "What ever …

Comical Event

I grew up with at least 50 kids in T.P Koil Street. There were numerous comical events. One such,
Immi – Dai Balaji, Unga annan visham kudichittanda.
Balaji – Orru numisham, Cyclella vitula niruthi pottitu vandhudran.

Stuck @ Office

Everyone in my team went for bowling and I am stuck at office with work....Man What's wrong with me

Spot what's wrong with this image - Win a Prize.

Spot what's wrong with this image - Win a Prize... - For me this is where Tamil Nadu went to the sinkhole. To manipulate the uneducated masses, Anna used Cine figures like MGR and completely screwed up the political field. If not for Anna Tamil Nadu would have been a much better place. I know people will say Anna saved the Dravidians and he is fit to be the King. Well, Anna did nothing, Periyar did all the work and he just back stabbed him and manipulated the minds of people to get into power.
So what the picture got to do with the message, Looking at a great person such as Rajaji standing (looks like begging) in front of MGR, with hands folded as if he is asking MGR to save the world, and MGR with his smile, telling him, “I am here don't worry”. Makes me throw up...

Remember the guy!

Remember the guy, who lived life for that day.
Remember the guy, who spent his last buck on a complete stranger.
Remember the guy, who never backed down from an argument.
Remember the guy, whose life revolved around his friends.
Remember the guy, who never hesitated to point out a mistake.
Remember the guy, who started his day with God.

I wonder what happened to him.

Cedrick Collomb's Unlocker - Rocks

After struggling for many days to delete a dll file, tried Cedrick Collomb's Unlocker. Man it just rocks.

I had Vundo and it had a dll file which tied itself to lass and windows explore. Tried many different ways (spent around 50 dollars) to delete it nothing worked. Finally unlocker did it for me. I am a happy man now....

Dumbledore is Gay !!!!

All this proves is J.K. Rowling stupidity. First she brought in death in a children's book, now this? What's the importance of annouching that Dumbledore is Gay. It does not add up.
J.K Rowling is not telented, and got lucky with her story (largely due to the movie). I bet my little fortune that she does not produce another blockbuster book. May be her next book will sell because its from Harry Potter author. Lets see how far she can go.

Disability Showcase

Be it a political, school, or a religious meeting, people with disability are put in the front row as a showcase. This practice has to STOP. People want to feel good; they want to show the world that they help others. The best ways to achieve this is by having couple disabled people in your meeting and showcase it to the world that you are helping them. I cannot imagine how horrible it is for the person. It is bad enough that they depend on others to live their life, to showcase it in front of hundreds of people and publicize it!!! Do the event organizers even think how these practices will affect the people with disability? If you want to help them, go do it by yourself. You do not need the world to see what you are doing.

I just read that when Vishiwanathan Anand Visited Chennai, there was around 20 disabled person in the airport. Why do you need them there? I bet they did not come there on their own, may be for money or forced by the Ashram they stay in. What a pathetic display.

Symonds & the Monkey Chants

Madras is the only place in India where we find knowledgeable cricketing crowd. I never heard of any crowd trouble there. Even when Pakistan beat the crap out of us the crowd was at its best. The other part of the country should learn a lot from Madras crowd...


If only I had a good Carvaka Guru. I love that philosophy, but I have too many questions, with no answers. I read that Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya has a book on Carvaka, I wonder whether it's worth reading?

Chinese and Lead

When I heard about lead in Chinese made Toys, it made me wonder whether there is any conspiracy behind it. Just imagine, lead poisoning in Toys is the best way to attack US kids. It is kind of chemical war isn't it. The effect of lead will only be visible after a long time, lets give it 20 years, by attacking the kids, we are effectively controlling a future generation and given the fact that China will be a super power in about 20 years.

Man, I should work for the CIA.

Phone Conversion by Dr.Pachauri

Apparently, after winning the Nobel Prize for his work on Global Warming, Dr. Pachauri called Gore and said
"This is Pachy... I am certainly looking forward to working with you. I'll be your follower and you'll be my leader,"
That's Indians in a Nut Shell for you.....

Wars have cost Africa an estimated $284 billion since 1990

Africa has lost $284 billion due to wars. The real question is, how much did the west gain due to these wars....

The way America works.

I was driving to work today morning, and as always juggling with my radio station. I came across one of my preset station, "Mike & Mike in the Morning". The guys started talking about Morion Jones and her steroid use and how Baseball, cycling and other sports are struggling with this issue. Then came the fun part, the guy questions why steroid should not be legalized. The argument is most of the athletes use it, its becoming increasing difficult to stop it. So it should be legalized.
It’s just amazing isn’t it? People in this country are so self centered that they forget to think that there is a world outside America. Countries like Australia, China and Russia produce great athletes who do not cheat but that does not matter. For US to be competitive the athletes need steroids, so let’s legalize it. What can I say, Good luck with it.

Badrinath is in the team

It was a great achievement. Good Luck. Hope he does not follow the same path as so many Tamilnadu players, Badani, Sriram, Sadagopan, Balaji (with a question mark). Not even Cheka made a permanent fixture in the Indian Team.
Hope he breaks the jinx and becomes a permanent fixture......Good Luck again.