The way America works.

I was driving to work today morning, and as always juggling with my radio station. I came across one of my preset station, "Mike & Mike in the Morning". The guys started talking about Morion Jones and her steroid use and how Baseball, cycling and other sports are struggling with this issue. Then came the fun part, the guy questions why steroid should not be legalized. The argument is most of the athletes use it, its becoming increasing difficult to stop it. So it should be legalized.
It’s just amazing isn’t it? People in this country are so self centered that they forget to think that there is a world outside America. Countries like Australia, China and Russia produce great athletes who do not cheat but that does not matter. For US to be competitive the athletes need steroids, so let’s legalize it. What can I say, Good luck with it.


NeoAuteur said…
Who said athletes from China and Russia do not cheat? China is still recovering from a huge scandal involving a lot of its swimmers, who got caught using perform-enhanced drugs in past Olympics. There are cases involved Russian athletes too. Please check your facts. This is a sport problem and not an America's problem.
How many countries will try to legalize it? And you are trying to defend America by pointing out one offbeat event in other countries. If MLB is played in any other country other than America, Barry Bonds will be in Jail now.

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