Spot what's wrong with this image - Win a Prize.

Spot what's wrong with this image - Win a Prize...
- For me this is where Tamil Nadu went to the sinkhole. To manipulate the uneducated masses, Anna used Cine figures like MGR and completely screwed up the political field. If not for Anna Tamil Nadu would have been a much better place. I know people will say Anna saved the Dravidians and he is fit to be the King. Well, Anna did nothing, Periyar did all the work and he just back stabbed him and manipulated the minds of people to get into power.

So what the picture got to do with the message, Looking at a great person such as Rajaji standing (looks like begging) in front of MGR, with hands folded as if he is asking MGR to save the world, and MGR with his smile, telling him, “I am here don't worry”. Makes me throw up...


Ottayan said…
There is a lot of things going wrong in TN and it all started with as you said, Anna.

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