Sehwag is in the team

There we go again, What is the basis for Sehwag selection? He was not in current Indian A Team, a very successful A Team I might add, but he is added to the Senior Side. The selectors will say that Sehwag has got a good track record against Pakistan, well he might in Test, not in One Day Internationals.
Praveen Kumar addition is good. It was just a matter of time, he was performing well under India A.
For me Kaif, should be the captain of the Senior Side, Dhoni is not fit to be captain, he got it because there is no one else to give the post. What a pity!!! Well that's how it goes in India right. No one can think outside the box.
Poor Dravid, What else can I say. Same goes with Badrinath, did they even tell him why he was dropped. Here is a player who is in form, and Dhoni didn't even bother to put him in the playing eleven. That shows Dhoni's brain. Raina is weird, As Srikkant once said, "What ever talent he has, he is doing his best to hide it when in international scene".
Patel needs a special mention too, he is scoring so heavily under India A (He is next to Badrinath under Run aggregate with the A Team), I bet the selector don't know what to do with him. I would think they will drop Kartik for tour of Australia and put him in the plane.


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