Root Canal

Got the root canal procedure done yesterday. Overall, it was not bad. I was thinking that the pain would be worse than an extraction, but it was not. I am a chicken when it comes to needles or any medical procedure, and I was so nervous before the procedure, that the dentist asked me to relax and I think he gave an extra strength Novocaine!!!

During the procedure, the dental assitant kept closing her eyes and turning her head, that made me wonder what exactly is the dentist doing that is so gory? That pumped up my blood pressure for a moment.

Overall, I would recommend root canal treatment. Go to wikipedia and read about root canal, and knowing about the procedure kind of helped me relax a little....


Ottayan said…
Glad to see you came out intact after the procedure.

My experience was so painful, I would have preferred going toothless.

I strongly believe it is a form of Chinese torture. :)
You are right; I heard so many horror stories about root canal, that’s one of the reasons why I was scared. But finally the pain became so bad; I have to go for the procedure. I guess I escaped Chinese torture ;)
Ottayan said…
The best way to get your revenge, sponsors someones root canal surgery.:-(

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