Disability Showcase

Be it a political, school, or a religious meeting, people with disability are put in the front row as a showcase. This practice has to STOP. People want to feel good; they want to show the world that they help others. The best ways to achieve this is by having couple disabled people in your meeting and showcase it to the world that you are helping them. I cannot imagine how horrible it is for the person. It is bad enough that they depend on others to live their life, to showcase it in front of hundreds of people and publicize it!!! Do the event organizers even think how these practices will affect the people with disability? If you want to help them, go do it by yourself. You do not need the world to see what you are doing.

I just read that when Vishiwanathan Anand Visited Chennai, there was around 20 disabled person in the airport. Why do you need them there? I bet they did not come there on their own, may be for money or forced by the Ashram they stay in. What a pathetic display.


that is fucking awesome a post man, i feel ya. I was a doll in the front row seat my entire school life! talk about being used!
Slogger said…
Sometimes, I don't know whom I should blame man. Parents should take some responsibility too. The moment they have a abnormal kid, they go to temple. Well, going to the temple might help them feel good but not the kid. Parents have zero knowledge on how to bring up a disabled kid.

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