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Oh Mahatma, there is no words on earth which describes my respect for you. But Mahatma, you erred. Well naming Nehru as your successor might top the list, but what you did with pure love in your heart now pierces every Hindu with a silver bullet. Oh Mahatma, how I wish you were here to this day, using your ideology, Indians have hijacked the country to the verge of no return.
Oh Mahatma, my mind understands your words, my minds accepts that humans don’t get separated by religion. But we are a silent minority here Mahatma. Today, in my own country, our so called Muslim Brothers (as you wanted me to address them) don’t want Hindu pilgrims to step on their land. As expected, the followers of your ideology, to get some extra votes accepted it. Oh Mahatma, even our beloved Krishna, at last stood up for his right, how long do you think we can go on like this.
Mahatma, I think its time to rethink our ideology. I think we have given enough. I think we have lost enough. Its time to make a stan…

Nelson Mandela –

Today Nelson Mandela marks his 90th birthday. In today’s world, full of corrupt and self-absorbed politicians, he stands apart. I guess he is one of those true Gandhian.

Return to India

After couple of failed attempts to return to India, here I am planning to start allover again. I don’t want to fool myself by blaming others or environment, my attempts failed due to my fear, lake of vision, and my current comfort level.

At least, this time I am planning to layout a plan. First and foremost, the “pro and cons”

a. Better career opportunity in India, both for my wife and I
b. Family support
c. Kids might have better friends circle
d. No mortgage
e. Can get a driver, maid, cook
f. Could be for the best for my parents
g. My father might get my kids to a good school
h. Friends
i. My Physical state
j. Could run a business
k. Could get back to my initial love “Politics”.

a. Quality of life will go down
b. Time spent with my kids will go down
c. Got to mediate between my wife and parents (and I hate that)
d. Relatives
e. Adaptation for my 6 year old
f. Both my brothers are here in states
g. My physical state
h. Corruption
i. Environment
j. Need for a sustainable high income
k. Will l…

Down the track –

Standing by the crease, eyes light up seeing a ball about to pitch yards in front of me. Heart says go down the track take that risk, loft it way high clearing long on, and get rewarded with a maximum. My head says stay at the crease, nudge it for a single, and keep my wicket. If only the umpire could call a No Ball….

Shiva Kangeyan

Congratulation. Last week, Shiva Kangeyan a 6th grader (I think he skipped a grade may be two) from Miami, qualified for the finals of Spelling Bee competition in USA. A smart kid, probably have an IQ of 130+. I think he was 4 years old, when he told me the difference between a circle and sphere. Google the name should bring details about him.