Down the track –

Standing by the crease, eyes light up seeing a ball about to pitch yards in front of me. Heart says go down the track take that risk, loft it way high clearing long on, and get rewarded with a maximum. My head says stay at the crease, nudge it for a single, and keep my wicket. If only the umpire could call a No Ball….


Ela said…
Never ever depend on the Umpire....he mostly thinks his job is to stand there and watch......
Ela -
Agreed. But sometimes, I wonder whether he supports the other side :(
rantravereflect said…
love the way ya got it put there.. \i guess this kinda 2-pronged thinking is always on our minds- to go ahead n take the risk or stay put n remain safe ... a lota times a leap of faith is what we need to move ahead:)

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