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மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு

Who ever came up with the phrase "மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு" is freaking genius...

At last a meaningful post in Rediff –

I always thought (and still believe) that Rediff is run by college dropouts. But finally today I found an excellent article. Couldn’t have said it better. Great work by author Tarun Vijay.

Murder case against Raj Thackeray –

Going by our judicial system track record, I know for sure that nothing going to be done against Raj Thackeray. Too much of this shit is going for too long. Politicians in India proclaim that they don’t have any responsibility for what their party affiliates do. The judge probably will say that Raj Thackeray didn’t initiate it, let’s say I run a company and I abuse my employee everyday through my subsidiaries (with or without my knowledge). Am I not responsible for that abuse? Not for these political parties, the boss didn’t do it, but his puppets orchestrated an attack.
What happened here is not a one off incident in Bombay and its not as if Raj Thackeray is solely responsible for this. This is going on all over, be it Jaya’s Bus Case, DMK Anti Hindi riots, J & K, may be I can list hundred such cases. I believe that Jaya, Karunanidhi, all J&K leaders everyone should be in jail for a murder charge.

Sri Lankan Tamil – Use and Throw

If you have any interest to enter politics in Tamil Nadu, you better talk about

1.Rice (Free, Rs. 1, Rs. 2. Doesn’t matter)
2.Liquor (Ban it; When State is bankrupt, bring it back)
7.Sri Lankan Tamils

We have our Dravidian parties ruling our state for the past 41 years. Over this time what have they done on these issues? I can forgive everything but what these politicians are doing with Tamils in Sri Lanka is unforgivable. You don’t play with human life to get votes. We as a human being should be ashamed that we let freaking Dravidian Party leaders play us like puppies.

Yesterday, our new media darling Kannimozhi resigned her MP post and her statement was, “Only the educated rich didn’t care about Sri Lankan Tamil. We always are there for them”. Really! So I guess she lives in Ayodhya Kupam, and Tamil Nadu is run by peasants. What her moral standing on this issue? To that matter the same is true for Karunanidhi. This bastard has used them again a…


Yesterday, I was talking to my patti after a long time, here it goes

நான் - பாட்டி எப்படி இருக்கீங்க
பாட்டி - நல்ல இருக்கியா கண்ணு?
நான் - உம்
பாட்டி - என்ன ராசா அமெரிக்காவிலே வீடு விலை எல்லாம் கோரஞ்சிருச்சமே?
நான் - அமா பாட்டி
பாட்டி - வங்கி போடு ராசா, காசு பத்தி கவலை படாதே
நான் - சரி பாட்டி

What can I say, Globalization!!!

Wednesday –

A friend of mine strongly recommended the movie “Friday”. Since I couldn’t get that movie; got the next best thing (as per the store owner) “Wednesday”.

Another pathetic attempt to commercialize a social issue.

The Clowns in BCCI –

1)Lets drop Ganguly
2)Lets bring in Kaif
3)Tendulkar is fit
4)Tendulkar is unfit
5)Badri is the replacement
6)Lets drop Kaif
7)Lets bring in Ganguly
8)Lets keep Badri

Here is how I read it. You drop Ganguly stating that you are looking forward and that his performance is under par. You say Kaif’s work ethics and performance warrant a spot in Rest of India squad and project him as Ganguly’s replacement. Tendulkar, just to play with you says he is fit for ROI game and at the last moment says he is unfit. So now, just to cover Sachin’s absence for a game you bring in Badri.

Suddenly, you realize its time to choose Indian squad, and magically you feel Ganguly still has future. WTF, how did you come to that conclusion? To top it off, you replace Kaif with Badri. Both failed in the ROI game, so it not as if Badri produced a magical hundred to warrant his place.

What can I say about Mishra. BCCI was specific, “You won’t be selected in the Indian team based on IPL performance.” Mishra on…