The Clowns in BCCI –

1)Lets drop Ganguly
2)Lets bring in Kaif
3)Tendulkar is fit
4)Tendulkar is unfit
5)Badri is the replacement
6)Lets drop Kaif
7)Lets bring in Ganguly
8)Lets keep Badri

Here is how I read it. You drop Ganguly stating that you are looking forward and that his performance is under par. You say Kaif’s work ethics and performance warrant a spot in Rest of India squad and project him as Ganguly’s replacement. Tendulkar, just to play with you says he is fit for ROI game and at the last moment says he is unfit. So now, just to cover Sachin’s absence for a game you bring in Badri.

Suddenly, you realize its time to choose Indian squad, and magically you feel Ganguly still has future. WTF, how did you come to that conclusion? To top it off, you replace Kaif with Badri. Both failed in the ROI game, so it not as if Badri produced a magical hundred to warrant his place.

What can I say about Mishra. BCCI was specific, “You won’t be selected in the Indian team based on IPL performance.” Mishra on record states that his place in Indian team is purely based on his IPL performance with Delhi dare devils. Hmm. Bunch of idiots. But I do feel happy for Badri, he has worked hard for his spot. But do you really want your spot because Srikkant (from his/my state) is now running the selection committee?


Ela said…
I's time to get done away with the British sport and nationalise our ethnic kabadi!
Do you really want to see bunch of sweaty, scantily clad guys jumping around? Grosses me out :((
Ela said…
Well....with the kind of heros around in tamizh films these days, atleast we girls can be happy with few more options...don't u agree?!

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