Murder case against Raj Thackeray –

Going by our judicial system track record, I know for sure that nothing going to be done against Raj Thackeray. Too much of this shit is going for too long. Politicians in India proclaim that they don’t have any responsibility for what their party affiliates do. The judge probably will say that Raj Thackeray didn’t initiate it, let’s say I run a company and I abuse my employee everyday through my subsidiaries (with or without my knowledge). Am I not responsible for that abuse? Not for these political parties, the boss didn’t do it, but his puppets orchestrated an attack.
What happened here is not a one off incident in Bombay and its not as if Raj Thackeray is solely responsible for this. This is going on all over, be it Jaya’s Bus Case, DMK Anti Hindi riots, J & K, may be I can list hundred such cases. I believe that Jaya, Karunanidhi, all J&K leaders everyone should be in jail for a murder charge.


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