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Baltimore –

Of all the airport I have gone through Baltimore has something unique. As if being a brown man trying to get through the security clearance at the airport is not bad enough, every time I walk through the metal scanning device it beeps. Well, everyone knows what happens next, 4 or 5 people come rushing in and ask me to step aside. They then pat me down, exploit my manhood, and ask questions which are totally irrelevant. Don’t take me wrong I am not complaining, they are doing their job so it never bother me (expect one time when I went with my kid, that’s a different story).
But Baltimore is different, as always it beeped when I walked through the metal scanning device, but to my surprise, they had another image scanning device, and this is a modern day miracle I tell you. You step in; it scans your body for any foreign object and badabing you are out of there. It was nice, instead of a 6 foot man exploiting your unmentionables. Makes you wonder why they don’t have it at every airport…

A match made in Heaven -


Surprise, Surprise –

Last Friday, my brother turned 40. Can’t believe that he is already 40, time is just flying by!! My sister in law gave him a surprise party, lot of my relatives were there at the party, and it was nice. He even got a BMW coupe to trick his mind to feel younger :)). Never to be undone, I made a last minute trip to Washington DC just to be there at the party. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised. The trip was hectic, but worth every minute.

Hancock –

OMG!!! I don’t think there was ever a Will Smith movie this bad.

Dravidians –

The so called Dravidian states have been the saviors of Hinduism for hundreds of years and that’s the truth. If not for South India, Muslim rulers would have converted majority of India under Islamic fascism. For the past 40 years the leaders of Dravidian parties and Islamist have somehow managed to hide this idea and are proposing a deep rooted division between the sons and daughters of our country.

Caste based suppression – Right now in Tamilnadu who instigates caste based suppression? Is it Brahmins? Is it the so called North Indians? No it is mainly done by a caste which is dominant in any given state. If you go to Madurai it is Devar, if you go to northern states its vanniyars, if you go to central states it will be nadars and so on. Brahmins are absolute minority in Tamilnadu, and I do agree that just like Jews they tend to help within their community but even if they do in our current state there is nothing they could achieve. So where is this fear of Brahmins some how trying t…

Our Leader

Of all the problem India and Tamilnadu facing, nothing could be compared against the family feud between Maran brothers and Alagiri family. Somehow our leader has managed to solve the issue without any major calamity. Forget about the hundreds dying in Bombay; forget about the people savaged by flooding; who cares about those imbeciles. Ayya somehow managed a miracle.

Honestly, are they even human beings?


There were many such riots, there were many such killings, I lived right in the middle during riots in Madras but for some reason, this carnage in Mumbai has affected me more. May be time will heal; may be my life will move on, but somewhere in my heart there is voice which screams at me that I better not forget. Better not forget where they come from, better not forget the religion which feeds them, and better not forget the environment which nourishes them. I feel a beast is growing inside. I did try to appease the beast; I did try to rationalize with the beast.

I tried the statement from our political leader, “the terrorist won’t win.” Who am I kidding; they have won the game fair and square. My mind went through the teaching from Jiddu, Buddha, Vivekananda, & Gandhi but the more I think, the more it screams. The beast now questions my religion, my faith and my honor.

I feel powerless to see my brothers and sisters getting killed for no reason of theirs. May b…