Baltimore –

Of all the airport I have gone through Baltimore has something unique. As if being a brown man trying to get through the security clearance at the airport is not bad enough, every time I walk through the metal scanning device it beeps. Well, everyone knows what happens next, 4 or 5 people come rushing in and ask me to step aside. They then pat me down, exploit my manhood, and ask questions which are totally irrelevant. Don’t take me wrong I am not complaining, they are doing their job so it never bother me (expect one time when I went with my kid, that’s a different story).
But Baltimore is different, as always it beeped when I walked through the metal scanning device, but to my surprise, they had another image scanning device, and this is a modern day miracle I tell you. You step in; it scans your body for any foreign object and badabing you are out of there. It was nice, instead of a 6 foot man exploiting your unmentionables. Makes you wonder why they don’t have it at every airport; also shouldn’t everyone go through this image scanner instead of the metal scanning machine…..hmm


Ela said…
i came across some news about this scanning machine...guess people were against it as it also displays every anatomical part...although the authorities claimed that there won't be any record kept of the images!
WHAT!!! I didn't know that, now I got search the internet may be someone has my pictures...Eshwara!!!
Yayathy said…
Oh god, good and bad together.
Vetty Officer said…
Boss, in our Chuweet Chennai (esp. the railway stations) - we have more advanced devices.

If there are any security threat, these machines need policemen only for two days to train them. Once they are trained, you will not see any policemen near the machine.

The machines themself will roll down a cage to catch the suspects.
Slogger said…
Yayathy - Tell me about it...
Vetty Officers - I heard about these machines, apparently Terminator originated in Madras :)
Yayathy said…
What to tell more about man, good for the cops and bad for the public.


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