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Talk about bad prediction

I predicted that India might win the world cup; talk about bad prediction. They didn't even qualify for second round. But to be honest, the murder of Woolmer has really took my interest out of cricket. I know betting is high in cricket but to kill for it, thats really something. I really hope that the pakistan players are not involved in this?

Story behind my Mustache

During my college days, I used to go on without a shave for at least a month during my exam times. It was my good luck charm. Until my second year in college, I thought I was the odd one, but apparently there were many who follow the same instinct. I still follow this tradition, but these days it is my mustache. If I am stressed, I grew a mustache, and I vow that I will take it out only when my tough phase pass out. After about three weeks, the reason why I was stressed does not pass but I become tired of my mustache and I shave it off.
Sometimes I do grow a mustache for a better outcome, for example my when my wife and I were having our first kid, I kept my mustache for about 10 months. The day my kid was born I took it out. I still remember the day, my parents were with me, and my father got annoyed that I removed my mustache on such an auspicious day. Well he doesn’t know the reason; does he?Well, I have my mustache on now. It has been around three weeks now, the reason why I have …

World Cup - Around the Corner

I never missed a world cup. From Reliance Cup, I have been an ever present viewer of all cricket world cup matches. This time, all the signs are pointing towards me missing the world cup. I don’t know whether I would have time to watch world cup matches. Countries in the West Indies have similar time as here in the east coast, and on top of that there is no day/night game, thus the bottom-line would be, I can only follow the games in the weekends. One good thing though is that the price is not that bad this time. I think it is $199.

India is in a great position to win the world cup, dimply because the competition is not that good. South Africa, got lot matches in their home turf and I think that the only reason they got number 1 ranking. I don’t see Smith as a level headed captain; Gibbs fires when ever he wants to; Pollock is good only against India; Kallis is too slow for one day game. Except Nitini South Africa do not have any match winners. They don’t have Klusner this time.


Wings of Fire

Over the weekend, I finished the book by Dr. Kalam. The book covers his days in school and his days as a researcher. I was always curious, how come a scientist, transformed himself into a great president. The common issue which gets lost is the fact that he was leading India’s space program and not working there as a researcher. From the book, it does seem that he completely transformed the way the research organization was functioning. Each and every steps explained in the book are fundamentals for a good leader. No wonder he is a great president. The book does not talk how he became a president and why he accepted the job etc. I was curious to know about his plans for India. It kind of ended abruptly.

I started to write about Dr. Kalam’s childhood and the similarity I have with that. Once I started to type, it went into aspects which were beyond people’s understanding, so I stopped it. The core of the issue is how much Dr. Kalam’s life is transformed by the fact that he was surrounde…

December 21, 2012

Yesterday, I was watching the Discovery channel and there was program about the date “December 21, 2012”. I heard about this date before, but never really put some thought into it but suddenly this date feels so near. December 21, 2012 is described as a dooms day scenario based on the Mayan calendar. Discovery channel linked the significance of the day with Mayan, Chinese and some events from Bible.

May be this is what I am looking for. I am searching for a valid reason to return to India, now I can publish my case based on this date!!! I can go back to India, get a land right in the middle of country. Tsunami could be dangerous, so I don’t want sea shore. I will ask my uncles who are in farming to come and live with me. After all I do not want to starve to death! May be I can build a bunker?

After a good night sleep, the first thing which came to my mind before I even brushed my teeth was the date December 21 2012. Now, I really wanted to put an end to this. I did not want to encoura…

Soccer Practice

First kid of a family should be given some sort of reservation in everything. These kids are guinea pigs for every parent. As a first time dad, you want prove that you are better than your father, you have vision, you want portray to the world that you have best kid in town. You know what is the bottom line of all these, total chaos!

Yesterday my 5 year old started his soccer program. This was his first time in any kind of group activity, not to mention, mine too. I went there with my digital camera, camcorder, bought him a new soccer shoe (cleats, I was informed that I should call it cleats), shin guard, I was fully prepared. Introduced myself to the coach, and he checked all the gears and I was thinking to myself, Have you ever seen a better dad than me? Then the coach goes, where are the water and the towel? I looked around; every parent there had a water bottle in one and a towel in the other hand. I was standing there with total shame, how could I have missed this. How could this…