Soccer Practice

First kid of a family should be given some sort of reservation in everything. These kids are guinea pigs for every parent. As a first time dad, you want prove that you are better than your father, you have vision, you want portray to the world that you have best kid in town. You know what is the bottom line of all these, total chaos!

Yesterday my 5 year old started his soccer program. This was his first time in any kind of group activity, not to mention, mine too. I went there with my digital camera, camcorder, bought him a new soccer shoe (cleats, I was informed that I should call it cleats), shin guard, I was fully prepared. Introduced myself to the coach, and he checked all the gears and I was thinking to myself, Have you ever seen a better dad than me? Then the coach goes, where are the water and the towel? I looked around; every parent there had a water bottle in one and a towel in the other hand. I was standing there with total shame, how could I have missed this. How could this happen to me? After all, I am the greatest dad of all time. Now, my son as if waiting for this moment, called me, “Dad, how could you miss the water?” I looked around the other parents, and said to myself, “Stop judging me people. I am a good dad, believe me”. One parent came by me and said, “First Kid I suppose? Don’t worry, happens to anyone. This is my second kid, that’s why I am completely prepared.”

For me, this is not something unique. For 5 years now, my son is going through the same scenario. I remember getting him a tennis racquet when he was 3. I read that Agassi, started hitting tennis ball when he was 3, if Agassi could do it so could my son. The poor kid didn’t have a clue, what he was supposed to do with the racquet. I wonder where the racquet is now.

My second kid, who is only a year and half seems to be learning quicker with limited help and that too mainly from my first kid,. My wife and I, here in Florida, all by our self with minimal help from the surrounding do our best to do everything for our kids. Most of the time, we make mistake, correct our self, and try to do a better job next time. Now, being the first kid, my son always gets it wrong the first time. Poor kid, I think I should leave more in my will for this guy!!!


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