December 21, 2012

Yesterday, I was watching the Discovery channel and there was program about the date “December 21, 2012”. I heard about this date before, but never really put some thought into it but suddenly this date feels so near. December 21, 2012 is described as a dooms day scenario based on the Mayan calendar. Discovery channel linked the significance of the day with Mayan, Chinese and some events from Bible.

May be this is what I am looking for. I am searching for a valid reason to return to India, now I can publish my case based on this date!!! I can go back to India, get a land right in the middle of country. Tsunami could be dangerous, so I don’t want sea shore. I will ask my uncles who are in farming to come and live with me. After all I do not want to starve to death! May be I can build a bunker?

After a good night sleep, the first thing which came to my mind before I even brushed my teeth was the date December 21 2012. Now, I really wanted to put an end to this. I did not want to encourage these crazy thoughts. Came to work and searched the significance of the date in the net. Holy macro, if anyone thinks I am paranoid, I have news for you. How do people find time and money to do analysis like these? Internet has thousands and thousands of website talking about this day.

Even though, I was not surprised by the result on the web, it was a little scary. A sudden brain blast, I am a Hindu; I don’t need to believe all these; let me check what my religion has to say about this day. Well guess what, one of the main prophesy of Lord Krishna was this exact day during Kali Yuga. For love of God, someone please help us.


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