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I never missed a world cup. From Reliance Cup, I have been an ever present viewer of all cricket world cup matches. This time, all the signs are pointing towards me missing the world cup. I don’t know whether I would have time to watch world cup matches. Countries in the West Indies have similar time as here in the east coast, and on top of that there is no day/night game, thus the bottom-line would be, I can only follow the games in the weekends. One good thing though is that the price is not that bad this time. I think it is $199.

India is in a great position to win the world cup, dimply because the competition is not that good. South Africa, got lot matches in their home turf and I think that the only reason they got number 1 ranking. I don’t see Smith as a level headed captain; Gibbs fires when ever he wants to; Pollock is good only against India; Kallis is too slow for one day game. Except Nitini South Africa do not have any match winners. They don’t have Klusner this time.

Australia has always been a team of good 11 players. They were a good unit, but this time things don’t look that rosy. McGrath has lost his nip; some team might try to block him, out of respect but teams like New Zealand and Pakistan have negated him perfectly. Mike Hussey for me looks like an odd ball; I cannot put him on par with Bevan; I cannot put him down as a bad player either. He does not look like a special player to me yet. Pointing is great, he might have a good World Cup but like Sachin he has been carrying Australia for too long, but luckily for India, it does seems India is dependent on Sachin anymore. Is Gilchrist a match winner? Yes he is. I don’t think he is coming into the world cup with a perfect mindset though. He might not be as effective as he could be.

Pakistan, I don’t think we need to talk about them. If they come into the semifinal; I would be surprised. They did do that in Australia, but I don’t think it will happen again. Srilanka might be a semifinal team; don’t think they might pass beyond that.

Now New Zealand does look good. Bond is the key; but he is so indifferent. He fires one day and he brakes down the other. We got to wait and see. Fleming might be a good captain; I do not rate him as a good player. Oram is good; they do have a great tail. I might be an India – New Zealand final.


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