Wings of Fire

Over the weekend, I finished the book by Dr. Kalam. The book covers his days in school and his days as a researcher. I was always curious, how come a scientist, transformed himself into a great president. The common issue which gets lost is the fact that he was leading India’s space program and not working there as a researcher. From the book, it does seem that he completely transformed the way the research organization was functioning. Each and every steps explained in the book are fundamentals for a good leader. No wonder he is a great president. The book does not talk how he became a president and why he accepted the job etc. I was curious to know about his plans for India. It kind of ended abruptly.

I started to write about Dr. Kalam’s childhood and the similarity I have with that. Once I started to type, it went into aspects which were beyond people’s understanding, so I stopped it. The core of the issue is how much Dr. Kalam’s life is transformed by the fact that he was surrounded by Brahmins. I am a Non Brahmin and I grew up in an Agraharam (Go figure). There were lots of influences in my life due to that surrounding. My father was a typical Dravidian and as a rule of thumb he did not liked Brahmins. Most my friends until I went to College were Brahmins though. I have had instance when certain Brahmin family didn’t want me inside their house (They did not say get out, but they were not comfortable) and then there were people who did not want me to do anything with a Brahman. It was weird. But at the end of day it did have a positive effect on me. Books of Periyar does not impress me neither do the speeches by Brahmin fanatics.

People living in Kashmir and people who call themselves dalits (I think this word should be taken out of dictionary. It is derogatory) take the book and read his story. No one, believe me no one can squash your life, if you have work ethics and will you will attain your destiny.


i agree with this post. i come from a brahmin family (sigh) and i hate to call myself one because i dont want the caste tag on my back all over again however its quite amusing when some people by default qualify me as a religious extremist the moment they get to know im a brahmin while the fact is there is no better atheist than me they could find in days. talk about preconceived notations... indian people have a lot of it...

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