Story behind my Mustache

During my college days, I used to go on without a shave for at least a month during my exam times. It was my good luck charm. Until my second year in college, I thought I was the odd one, but apparently there were many who follow the same instinct. I still follow this tradition, but these days it is my mustache. If I am stressed, I grew a mustache, and I vow that I will take it out only when my tough phase pass out. After about three weeks, the reason why I was stressed does not pass but I become tired of my mustache and I shave it off.
Sometimes I do grow a mustache for a better outcome, for example my when my wife and I were having our first kid, I kept my mustache for about 10 months. The day my kid was born I took it out. I still remember the day, my parents were with me, and my father got annoyed that I removed my mustache on such an auspicious day. Well he doesn’t know the reason; does he?Well, I have my mustache on now. It has been around three weeks now, the reason why I have my mustache did not pass and I don’t think it will in the near future, but I hate my mustache though! I will give it couple of days…..


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