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Be Good

My urge to be in the good book of everyone has already pissed off so many people. Don't they know I do it out of good intention.


It feels like Sonia Ji & Congress won't rest until they split India.....For argument sake if Tamil Nadu invites Lashkar-e-Toyeba, how would others react? This is playing with people's emotion. I think the Srilankan President understands this. This idea of having Indian Oscar in Srilanka and having a goodwill trip with a convicted felon is just to add insult to injury. Karunanidhi and his fellow dogs will do anything to stay in power, next time if they are on the verge of losing the election just imagine what they will use to get into power?....Dravidian Party zindabad, let's split Indian Bagaylabad

US on Bhopal

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on Bhopal “Our economies are increasingly closely connected. So I certainly would hope that this particular case does not inhibit the continuing expansion of economic, cultural, and political ties between our two countries.” Yeah, who gives a f&*^ about third world human beings.....We definitely want to go after BP for all the fish they killed though....