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Time to let it go -

After 12 long years, decided to let go my habit of fasting every Tuesday.

Right underneath your thoughts and negative emotions exists an ocean of love. You have but to quiet the mind to experience it.
- A Buddhist Saying

I know for someone outside, there is no link between my habit and the Buddhist proverb, to my mind there is...

Oops it’s not Nehru –

Motilal Nehru (Nehru’s father) lost his first wife and son during childbirth. Motilal remarried and the couple had another son, but the boy died in infancy. Now, the story goes that Motilal went to a Yogi and asked for blessings from the holy man. He informed the yogi that his greatest desire in life is to have a son. The yogi looked at his face and informed him that he will not have a son. Heart broken, Motilal begged the yogi to bless him with a son. Sympathetic, the yogi blessed him so that he will have son. He then informed him that "By doing this, I have sacrificed all the benefits of all the austerities I have conducted over many generations”. The very next day the Yogi died.

It looks like it took a day for the yogi to realize his mistake. Don’t blame him at all. Until now I was bashing Nehru for India’s current state. Now, I know who really should be blamed.

Reference: Nehru – The invention of India by Shashi Tharoor

One more

Looks like I spoke too soon, one more in Ahmedabad. Just yesterday, I wrote it has been a long time since Gujarat was struck by an terrorist attack, today we have 29 dead. Its getting better and better....

'Serial bombs' hit India's IT hub – Now what?

Oh I forgot we have a champion’s trophy to be played Pakistan. Let’s not forget the cash strapped brothers in Bangladesh, they do need money to play cricket, and we have to tour them at least twice in a year now. We need to open the borders both in the east and west if not where would they get the money to plant bombs in our cities. We have to release Afzal now, story goes that he didn’t do his part correct. Let him go and come back with a better plan. It looks like less than 10 got killed and on top of that, the parliament building in Delhi is still standing. We have to let him go, next time I promise you brothers and sisters he will do a better job, so forgive his sins.
Thank God, Sonia and our Congress were brought back to power. We are a secular government don’t you remember, it doesn’t matter that Members of Parliament were paid crores of rupees, after all that’s what you pay for being secular. Let’s not forget our good old Left, we don’t know where they stand or what…

A Marriage in Texas –

My cousin got married in Austin Texas over the weekend. As my wife is preparing for her CPA, my son and I went for the marriage. We had a good time; at least that’s what I think! (When my son grows up he might give a better answer!!)
Anyhow, the marriage was sweet. I was impressed by the bride, who even though an American sat through the entire Hindu Wedding without any fuss. After the Hindu wedding they had the Christian Wedding, which by itself was short and sweet. This has become common nowadays; my other cousin who is an ABCD did the same thing, a Hindu wedding followed by Christian wedding.
Everything went well except for one thing. I saw my classmate in the wedding. It was a pleasant surprise. I called him and said hi; he then gave me a look and said, sorry have we met each other? As I didn’t expect that answer, for a minute I was shocked and then started laughing hysterically. Just 12 years, already people don’t recognize me!!! I am not bald or anything (at least not totall…

A faith based on expectation –

Is it apt to have faith based on expectation?
Is it appropriate to bargain with God? In other words, Is it apt to go to Him and say, I need this, in return I will do that?
Is faith without expectation feasible?
Is it a necessity for God to support you?
Is “Evil” part of Good? If not how do you judge “Good”?
Is Man created by God?
Is it acceptable to depose some for the benefit of the most?
Is greed a sin? If yes, isn’t evolution based on greed?
Is it a necessity for God to regulate life on earth?


If you are a Tennis fan like me, you got to be thrilled with Wimbledon last Sunday. It was a wonderful display of skill, power and stamina. 80's and especially 90's produced some of the greatest tennis matches, the reason? The all time greats of the tennis world roamed during that time. Sampras, Agassi, Lendl, Chang, Courier, Edberg, Wilander, Rios, Rafter, Kafelnikov, the list could go on.

The dominance of Federer coupled with mediocre pool of tennis players had made a huge drop in the quality of Tennis now. So the growth of Nadal for me is a welcome relief. The quality of tennis, especially the last 3 sets in Wimbledon was awesome.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

India’s most decorated solider, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw died last week. Even though he was born in Amritsar, he retired in Madras. He fought in WWII for British India in Burma, and one of the key members in India’s war with China and Pakistan.

I forgot whether it was in History Channel or Discovery, where they interviewed him about the rumor back when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency. The rumor was that the Army was planning a coup against her. He said that Indira Gandhi confronted him and asked whether it’s true. He mentioned that he told her that India is his 1st priority and that he would never do anything to sabotage the state.

May God bless his soul.

P.S I am at grief with our current Tamil Nadu government and news media, where no one even mentioned this. This should be your front page news, you lowlifes; the man put his life for the benefit of us. Let me stop here, I don’t want use this as a launching pad for my attacks against the morons in Tamil Nadu after all it is a eulogy…