A faith based on expectation –

Is it apt to have faith based on expectation?
Is it appropriate to bargain with God? In other words, Is it apt to go to Him and say, I need this, in return I will do that?
Is faith without expectation feasible?
Is it a necessity for God to support you?
Is “Evil” part of Good? If not how do you judge “Good”?
Is Man created by God?
Is it acceptable to depose some for the benefit of the most?
Is greed a sin? If yes, isn’t evolution based on greed?
Is it a necessity for God to regulate life on earth?


Ela said…
Hai slogger, it was too many questions....sounded like i was again taking some exams from my college days!! jokes apart, some of ur questions were answers to each other, contradicting themselves thereby highlighting the discrepency in our thoughts...or our misunderstanding or misappropriation of our observations....i don't know whether u meant all the questions in strictly religious or strictly philosophical or rather a way to induce rational thinking!

"Is Man created by God?"

If u r ready to agree after going through the subtle facts of the histroy of all religions, then God was created by Man. May be there is a single superior force which is beyond human cognition which is qualifying to be termed as 'God' and Mankind has simply discovered it...but the God(s)that we are talking of now in our social settings are the ones created by the human beings...purely by their fancies, likes, dislikes and needs....

"Is it a necessity for God to support you?
Is it appropriate to bargain with God? In other words, Is it apt to go to Him and say, I need this, in return I will do that?"

This attitude that we observe in everyday life, i would argue, only shows that Man created God and that's why he has this innate urge to treat God as his fellow human being.....just bargain as i would bargain to my fellow colleague " if u could do this to me i would give u this in return and we cna be both satisfied with our collaboration"...this said i don't have much more to say to this...

"Is it apt to have faith based on expectation?
Is faith without expectation feasible?"

Hmmm..if u ask me, although i do enjoy doing my work, i do have expectations....i do my experiment with the faith that it will give me some results...which will give a clue/chance, no matter how small it is, to understand some problem...this is just to explain, although i doubt how successful i am in it, that even in an supposedly non-materialistic situation faith is the one which expects some results so that it can be graciated....even in Bhaghavat gita where supposedly Krisha advices " do ur duty without expecting the results" imposes that keep faith and keep on doing things....so something will happen....it is a rewarding process in a positive way....so i don't mind faith having some expectation...but i am not advocating this on the lowest ladder of faith-expectation paradigm!

"Is “Evil” part of Good? If not how do you judge “Good”?"

I don't know whether evil is part of good although at some times too much of good takes the face of evil...but they are yin and yang....inseparable pairs that are crucially dependent on each other for their identity and meaning...but it us human beings that made evil look bad while good always sounds good.... so i guess ur question sort of higlights this answer by itself.

"Is it acceptable to depose some for the benefit of the most?"

If i am to be an leader, and asked this question upon a crucial situation and based on the intensity of what u term as 'benefit of the most', then yes, i will depose some for the benefit of the most. Although this may sound unethical and unhuman, this is how most of the history had been...few people have always been sacrificed for the benefit of the most...if u look at the most celebrated leaders , they have also been declined of the so-called normal life that the rest of the people have been living....it's agreed that they have chosen it by themselves but still the basic idea is the same...in an ideal world full of ideal people and ideal situations, may be this is not necessary but it is happening everywhere now...

"Is greed a sin? If yes, isn’t evolution based on greed?"

No, evolution is based on survival...the animal or the beings which are capable of surviving by adapting itself according to the times and environment evolves...greed is an human attribute and is not necessary for survival...a person who is greedy need not be a good survivor and evolve ensuring his survival in a particular environment...and we have lots and lots of fairy tale stories insisting this....on the other hand i will not be fast to classify greediness as sin.....may be it is an characteristic which started to evolve to ensure survival but by the time it half-evolved, then there came times and situations where this character was no longer needed for survival...an attribute which is not necessary and sometimes which could hinder our progress will easily qualify to be termed as 'trouble' or in a more dramatic terms 'sin'.

"Is it a necessity for God to regulate life on earth?"

I don't think so...becoz life itself regulates it's own course....this is not merely a scientific answer...but based on an understanding and awe that comes after knowing how life progresses and therefore from the philosophy that arises from that!
nick jane said…
hahahaha that was real cool dude
Ela –
The questions are meant to provide an understanding on life. Not for others, but for myself. I don’t think I am in a league to address others or to be philosophical. I wanted to put them out there, so that my mind could address them or to find one or more people who have the same wavelength as me and with whom I can converse to better understand (I don’t plan on starting a cult group :)). These questions were addressed to me; the questions are addressed to my wandering mind to find an answer.
I for one believe that the way for enlightenment is through knowledge. Most of us would agree but the road for enlightenment is through one’s religion. I don’t think you could achieve enlightenment, spiritual or secular by following a path laid by our forefathers or by following a holy book whether its Bhagavat Gita or Quran or Bible.
I don’t know why you think that the questions are contradictory but I could see that in some questions the answers are based on one of the previous question.
So in every question there is theme behind it. Some of them are fundamental for better understanding. Again, these are questions not for others but for one’s inner self.
I am writing a sequel for this post, which will be reflection on how I feel that we should address these questions. I hope I could critique some of your answer there.
Nick Jane -
You are not Simbu are you? I went to your blog and wondered whether its really simbu who is marketing his movie... hehehehe
Ottayan said…

I find greed is a common factor in all your questions. Plus when I take it in conjunction to your intro in your profile I wonder whether you have a guilt(greed) complex. :)
Ela said…
Slogger...i will be happy to hear ur views on those topics....what i felt like, i expressed here and will be happy if it leads to some discussions...and i don't mind if u criticise my views becoz they are not the final facts of life...they are just my views, opinions, ideas based on my thinking and how i look upon life around me....

but only thing is u put out ur ideas...i listen to that and i will in turn put out my ideas...i will never force u to accept mine and hope u also do the same...then every body can live happily ever after! what say?!
Ottayan -
Greed is just one theme, the question is, How Greed differ from Expectation?
Ela -
The last thing in my mind is to impose myself on others. You are more than welcome to voice your opinion, concerns, mistakes or anything regarding my posts. When I typed in my reply I said “critique your answers” which could mean “critically review” but the real meaning is “analyze your answers”. I don’t know whether that made you wonder that I am going to butcher your comment, that’s not what I meant at all. English is weird; you can read a simple sentence in many different ways....
Ottayan said…

Greed is the malignant form of expectations.

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