'Serial bombs' hit India's IT hub – Now what?

Oh I forgot we have a champion’s trophy to be played Pakistan. Let’s not forget the cash strapped brothers in Bangladesh, they do need money to play cricket, and we have to tour them at least twice in a year now. We need to open the borders both in the east and west if not where would they get the money to plant bombs in our cities. We have to release Afzal now, story goes that he didn’t do his part correct. Let him go and come back with a better plan. It looks like less than 10 got killed and on top of that, the parliament building in Delhi is still standing. We have to let him go, next time I promise you brothers and sisters he will do a better job, so forgive his sins.
Thank God, Sonia and our Congress were brought back to power. We are a secular government don’t you remember, it doesn’t matter that Members of Parliament were paid crores of rupees, after all that’s what you pay for being secular. Let’s not forget our good old Left, we don’t know where they stand or what they want, but they sure know how to keep our people in the dark. That’s right I forgot, the Left’s motto feed the poor “Kanji” so that they don’t dream of rice.
The nerve of Modi, how could a secular central government let a man like him rule Gujarat, how could we live with the people of Gujarat, whose actions were inapt. It doesn’t matter, if Gujarat was one of politically volatile region in India which was brought under control by him; he is not secular. It doesn’t matter Gujarat has shot past southern states during his time; he is not secular. Don’t you remember the Gujarat riot, where people stood up against their brothers and sisters who got burnt? As a Hindu, you are supposed to stand next to your burning brothers and sister and blame the fate, not fight against evil doers. How could they?
Don’t worry my friends, in 100 years from now; there won’t be any Hindus left. There won’t be any riots. Like the Mayans and Egyptians, archeologist will evacuate ruins of our temples and says once there lived a great civilization. It’s OK remember what Gandhi said, don’t fight, it doesn’t matter what religion you follow after all they are your brothers too.
Good Luck.


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