A Marriage in Texas –

My cousin got married in Austin Texas over the weekend. As my wife is preparing for her CPA, my son and I went for the marriage. We had a good time; at least that’s what I think! (When my son grows up he might give a better answer!!)
Anyhow, the marriage was sweet. I was impressed by the bride, who even though an American sat through the entire Hindu Wedding without any fuss. After the Hindu wedding they had the Christian Wedding, which by itself was short and sweet. This has become common nowadays; my other cousin who is an ABCD did the same thing, a Hindu wedding followed by Christian wedding.
Everything went well except for one thing. I saw my classmate in the wedding. It was a pleasant surprise. I called him and said hi; he then gave me a look and said, sorry have we met each other? As I didn’t expect that answer, for a minute I was shocked and then started laughing hysterically. Just 12 years, already people don’t recognize me!!! I am not bald or anything (at least not totally), I did put on some weight other than that I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t recognize me?


Anonymous said…
A similar thing happened to me when I went to my college where I did my UG. It was just 6 months since I finished college and I went there during my trimester holidays at PG. I saw one of my juniors standing at the other end of the basket ball court and I went running to her calling.. 'prraggiiiii'' and to my surprise, she was just staring at me.. It was only after we went near each other that she recognized me..

Your case is much better ;)
Slogger said…
Victorious -
My mind is really wierd, a simple instance like this will make my mind to analyze why it happened. So I started comparing my pictures from School day to now. I do look little different....
Anonymous said…
I too looked different (weight-wise)! That too in a matter of six months time! thats why I said your case is much better ;) he he
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