Oops it’s not Nehru –

Motilal Nehru (Nehru’s father) lost his first wife and son during childbirth. Motilal remarried and the couple had another son, but the boy died in infancy. Now, the story goes that Motilal went to a Yogi and asked for blessings from the holy man. He informed the yogi that his greatest desire in life is to have a son. The yogi looked at his face and informed him that he will not have a son. Heart broken, Motilal begged the yogi to bless him with a son. Sympathetic, the yogi blessed him so that he will have son. He then informed him that "By doing this, I have sacrificed all the benefits of all the austerities I have conducted over many generations”. The very next day the Yogi died.

It looks like it took a day for the yogi to realize his mistake. Don’t blame him at all. Until now I was bashing Nehru for India’s current state. Now, I know who really should be blamed.

Reference: Nehru – The invention of India by Shashi Tharoor


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