Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

India’s most decorated solider, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw died last week. Even though he was born in Amritsar, he retired in Madras. He fought in WWII for British India in Burma, and one of the key members in India’s war with China and Pakistan.

I forgot whether it was in History Channel or Discovery, where they interviewed him about the rumor back when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency. The rumor was that the Army was planning a coup against her. He said that Indira Gandhi confronted him and asked whether it’s true. He mentioned that he told her that India is his 1st priority and that he would never do anything to sabotage the state.

May God bless his soul.

P.S I am at grief with our current Tamil Nadu government and news media, where no one even mentioned this. This should be your front page news, you lowlifes; the man put his life for the benefit of us. Let me stop here, I don’t want use this as a launching pad for my attacks against the morons in Tamil Nadu after all it is a eulogy to a great man.


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