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Looks like I spoke too soon, one more in Ahmedabad. Just yesterday, I wrote it has been a long time since Gujarat was struck by an terrorist attack, today we have 29 dead. Its getting better and better....


Ela said…
Slogger...i can understand ur mental state...even sometimes i feel "how can i leave my children in such a monsterous world?" (funny since i don't have any kids yet)....i don't mean any disrespect to u..but somehow ur posts make me feel that u r taking/trying to take these issues highly is our society and we all have to stand up and try to figure out some way out of this mess...hope we can do this soemtime in future!
Ela –
I strongly believe that the path we are in today, defines our destiny tomorrow. Looking at our society, its lack of morality, ethics or simple human kindness, effectiveness of world tomorrow, seems to be a fantasy. I am sure that when someone reads my blog, they might think that my rage is against Islam or other Abraham religion, but the truth is my rage is against my country, my ineptness, my brother and sisters and at my fellow human beings.
When I meet people they talk about Dr. Kalam’s 2020 vision, I question their audacity? Where do they get that from? My vision contradicts Dr. Kalam’s; it points towards the history of African nation and their destruction based on religion, clan system and other mundane issues.
Friends of mine ask me, if I worry so much about future or morality in the world why am I sitting here and bitching about it and not taking action? My advice to them is why do you need a leader? Why do you need a Mahatma? Why do you need guidance? I am not asking you to change the world; all I am asking for is changing one’s inner self. Sometimes it’s easy to bribe the policeman to get out of a petty offence; sometimes it’s easy to bribe the telephone department to get a quicker service. But when you step out and force yourself, through a path of pain to lead a moral and ethical life, that’s priceless. You don’t and you can’t change the world but you can change yourself, and that’s all I ask for.
When you meet someone on the street don’t judge him by color, caste or religion, judge him by heart. This is where my views go critical about Islam; their love for their brotherhood is so strong they forget to judge other with clear mind. They coined a word called “Islam-o-phobia”, which literally means fear or hatred towards Islam. I don’t see that, all I see is distrust among Muslims towards others and their thinking that Islam is superior. When I have a fight with one of my neighbor, then it could be a mistake of my neighbor, but if I pickup fight in my entire neighborhood then it’s a high probability that there is something fundamentally wrong with me. The same goes with Islam, when you hate Europeans, Americans, Indians, Russians, Chinese, don’t you think that it could be you and not others?
Anyhow, going back to my point, I guess time will tell. Insha Allah, if I don’t die soon, year 2020 is around the corner, let’s wait and see. :)

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