Dravidians –

The so called Dravidian states have been the saviors of Hinduism for hundreds of years and that’s the truth. If not for South India, Muslim rulers would have converted majority of India under Islamic fascism. For the past 40 years the leaders of Dravidian parties and Islamist have somehow managed to hide this idea and are proposing a deep rooted division between the sons and daughters of our country.

Caste based suppression – Right now in Tamilnadu who instigates caste based suppression? Is it Brahmins? Is it the so called North Indians? No it is mainly done by a caste which is dominant in any given state. If you go to Madurai it is Devar, if you go to northern states its vanniyars, if you go to central states it will be nadars and so on. Brahmins are absolute minority in Tamilnadu, and I do agree that just like Jews they tend to help within their community but even if they do in our current state there is nothing they could achieve. So where is this fear of Brahmins some how trying to take over Tamil Nadu and impose Hindi. Some of the greatest works in Tamil were done by prominent Brahmins and to oppose them in the name of language is utter nonsense.

I went to a so called Muslim website for Tamils (No website address, I do not want to give them publicity) and the moment I questioned them, insults were flying calling me “Parpan” and how I am Aryan trying to kill the Dravidian. Even though I have no association with either, I felt offended and asked them whether I could call them Thulukan? No answers. They beautifully edit my answers and publish words which could cause uproar within Muslim world. Who funds this website? What is their intention? No one knows. At this moment Muslims in Tamil Nadu are blessed breed. After all the turmoil India is facing through Islamic fascism, they are having a peaceful and protected life. But still for them it’s not enough. Another concept which was thrown at me was that Hindus are killing Muslims. Where in the world they get this idea I have no clue. I gave them stats of how Muslim population in India is thriving and stats of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan (see below). The website owners did not want to publish this because according to them, it will affect peace between Hindus and Muslims!!!
In August 1947 percentage of Hindus in Pakistan was 20%. Current Hindu population in Pakistan is less than 2%. Bangladesh is even better Year Percentage (%)
1941 28.0 1951 22.0 1961 18.5 1974 13.5 1981 12.13 1991 10.52 2001 9.4
If for my fellows Dravidian, Brahmins performing Pujas using Sanskrit Vedic scripts offends us, then I would say that the same should be applied for Quran. After all I don’t see Tamil Quran being used anywhere, who knows Arabic in Tamilnadu so I say let Karunanidhi pass a law that Quran should be preached in Tamil.

I went to Indian Store owned by a Bangladesh immigrant. It was new in my area, so I asked him how's business. The answer he gave me was an example on how deep rooted this false notion of Dravidian/Aryan divide. He said, “I am being supported by Telugu, Tamil, Kannada people, you know the Dravidians because WE support each other but the North Indians are not supporting me”. So as per him, a North Indian Muslim is somehow connected to a South Indian? I was about to confront, but what the use? The wedge has been driven deep; we the sons and daughters of our nation should overcome these silly differences and unite.

Look, I cannot prove anyone whether there is a God or not, but all I know is that we should be happy to follow a religion which lets us gain enlightenment through knowledge and not based on some false ideology or book. There were some bad things which happened in the past which has been instigated by our caste system, and which was exploited by Brahmins. But all I am saying is don’t let this fight against Brahmins turn into a fight within Hindus. Don’t let this fight against Brahmins to be used as launching pad for Islam and other religion. We the people of Tamilnadu belong to a society which is deep in spirituality, one visit to Palani or Thirupati will prove my point. Periyar came and proved his point, I admire what he has done and I see his view. But our so called politicians are splitting us in the name of Periyar, don’t fall prey to them. Enough of this nonsense, enough of this Aryan/Dravidian divide, enough of this North/South divide let’s unite and unite under one nation under God.


Sri said…
I think there is tamil Quran, and I have also seen some tamil muslims learn and present "Thirukural"...South India is a peaceful because of this harmony.
Its a universal fact that India has the largest muslim population.We think them not as different ppl(from arabic countries) but just as our brothers who follows other religion.

We are united as ONE NATION,INDIA.
This is a common misunderstanding. There is translated version of Quran no doubt but when you are in a mosque or what you hear when you take a walk near a mosque is Quran in Arabic. Vedic Scripts are translated in every Indian language but that didn't stop us from passing a law right? Anyhow my point is this so called Harmony is done at the expense of Hinduism and that I don't agree. When we are up in arms for anything North Indian why we aren’t the same for Islam? After all Islam is not indigenous for our region either?
Ela said…
Slogger...to ur comment to Sri's...i would not recommend taking up arms against Islam...only against the people who interpret it in a wrong way...the same i would also do for the people who interpret Hinduism in a wrong way.....

We are living in a world where slowly boundaries are fading away....if we are to harbor any hard feelings/resentment against any particular race/religion/culture/language or whatever the dividing factors are, the whole world would be in trouble...i mean, people in USA and many European countries are allowing Hindu temples to be put up alright?! what we need is an understanding of each others religions and a broad mindedness to accept and respect others beliefs...Hinduism always had it and of course we just have to make sure that we let it be that way forever!
Ela –
I do not agree that boundaries are fading away, that’s a myth. To be honest, I do not want to deviate from the real intention of my post, because if I answer your question then contrary to my belief it might propagate an idea that I am against western world.
Nevertheless, I will contradict your request for understanding other religion. How many people outside India know about Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism? For most of them Eastern religion arises curiosity and that’s it. This curiosity is attributed to the Beatles in the 70’s and 80’s and Richard Gere in the 90’s. The truth is I as a practicing Hindu know more about Quran or Bible then most of the individual who practices them. Why? That’s because of the beauty of my religion. For a Hindu/Buddhist/Jain enlightenment comes through knowledge or his/her action and not through practicing some sacred book. So when you say we have to understand other religion, I don’t think that applies for the people in India. They know more about Islam or Bible than their own religion. How many Hindu know that there is one God in Hinduism? Probably less than 1 percent!
I think we are missing my point here, you are saying we should be broad minded, I am saying we are already broad minded enough. I am saying this so called broad mindedness shouldn’t come at the expense of our religion. I am saying that this broad mindedness tells us that it is OK to fight between our brothers but make sure that the stranger on the street gets feed. If not for our broad mindedness we wouldn’t be where we are today. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism all spread in the east with no aid from a sword, but its demise came through Guns and Steel. When put in front of a sword to choose between once religion and death, we choose religion, because we know no matter what HE is called Allah, Holy Father, or Brahman, God is one.
I think you had a post, where you expressed your displeasure on how people around you are trying to convert you, now if you are living in the society which lets you live as you are then where did that come from? In my view, everything has a limit and for me this is it. I have to agree, because of my faith I cannot force you or Sri to change your views. I understand your concerns, I understand we need peace in this earth but I cannot digest that peace at the expense of my religion.
Sri said…
Talking about Hindu religion, you pl dont worry yourself too much, India been ruled by non-hindu's for more than 200 years by Islamic/christian rulers..even then our hinduism has not faded! Pl feel free to let our speciality of Hinduism be ever growing...in the modern world of free thinkers preaching or been fanatic means you are wasting your time.More serious issues are there in India.Literacy, poverty, AIDS awarness,...80% of the indians are not bothered about the mumbai attack because they need to feed for their hunger..
80% of Indians don’t care about it because it happened in a land which is alien to them. But I do feel that your argument here is a deviation from what I mentioned in my post. Going by what you are saying, should I be happy that there was bomb blast in Mumbai, because as per you it is bringing out inequalities within India? Are you trying to rationalize the killing? Nevertheless, let me explain your concern,

1. Hinduism survived 200 Year of Islamic/Christian rule –
True, Hinduism did survive 200 years of Islamic/Christian rule, but the reason why we still practice Hinduism is sheer luck. If not for British, we would be under Islamic rule. Do read the agenda of Lashkar-e-Tayiba, that exactly what they are fighting for.

2. Hinduism not faded?
I don’t know how you come to that conclusion, Hinduism is not abolished that’s true but it’s for sure faded. As I said before less than 1 percent is India know what true Hinduism is.

3.In this Modern World –

This sentence is only used by Indians and no one else, tell me a modern world free thinker? Even better explain what the meaning for the term “Modern World free thinking”. Take a good look at the world around you; in today’s world liberalism is myth. The word is used by confused individual and politicians that’s all. People assume that everyone in West are liberals and don’t care about religion. I have been living in States for 10 years; people here are as religious if not more than anyone in India. Bush won the election not because of his credentials but mainly because of his Christian votes.

4.Literacy, Poverty, AIDS –

I don’t know what religion got to do with that? The suffering in India is attributed to failed socialism, period. As I said, you are deviating from my point.

5.Majority in India don’t care about Mumbai –
This, my friend is true. Let’s dig deep. When we Dravidians complain about inactiveness of Indian government on Sri Lankan Issue, what did we Dravidians do on Mumbai issue? Karunanidhi was solving his family issue; the saviors of Tamils were planning on how to exploit Sri Lankan issue. When you don’t want to spend 5 cents on your neighbor how do you expect your big brother to spend 10cents on you?

In conclusion, your answers here do hurt me. It shows me, how much work we have in our hand. Don’t confuse religion with law of the land and its social issues. Don’t feel that by saying “I am a Hindu” you become a conservative. I am proud Hindu, I have 2 kids both eat Beef, my family members have married Americans, I don’t celebrate any festivals, of late I don’t even go to Temples. In essence I am by far a better liberal than anyone else but still I am a Hindu. I know it’s sexy to call yourself liberal, I know of late it has become something degradable to say I am a practicing Hindu. The moment I talk religion, people bring in fringe elements which has nothing to do with Hinduism, because they don’t know. I do agree, India needs work socially but don’t combine the failure of the state to religion. The state failed because of politicians like Karunanidhi not because of religion.

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