Return to India

After couple of failed attempts to return to India, here I am planning to start allover again. I don’t want to fool myself by blaming others or environment, my attempts failed due to my fear, lake of vision, and my current comfort level.

At least, this time I am planning to layout a plan. First and foremost, the “pro and cons”

a. Better career opportunity in India, both for my wife and I
b. Family support
c. Kids might have better friends circle
d. No mortgage
e. Can get a driver, maid, cook
f. Could be for the best for my parents
g. My father might get my kids to a good school
h. Friends
i. My Physical state
j. Could run a business
k. Could get back to my initial love “Politics”.

a. Quality of life will go down
b. Time spent with my kids will go down
c. Got to mediate between my wife and parents (and I hate that)
d. Relatives
e. Adaptation for my 6 year old
f. Both my brothers are here in states
g. My physical state
h. Corruption
i. Environment
j. Need for a sustainable high income
k. Will lose my Green Card, thus my ability to come back

I know I would have missed some elements, it’s a draft anyhow, will revisit.


Ela said…
If u have saved some reasonable amount of 'dabbu' then u need not fear that the quality of life will go down in India.....if the magic stuff is there life can be wonderful in our country....And also if u have a nice friends circle back home u can manage to start some business and can comfortably settle in.

Other things i would say just talk to ur kids and get their opinion, whether they are looking forward to going to India forever or not(i am sure u would have done that, still..)

Appurama, about ur wife and parents, there always will be collateral damage, alright? but at some point or other, one has to make decision, so all the best!
rantravereflect said…
awwwww.. tat looks liek eh worst dilemma ever..
i'm in that state ryte now.. with my current job n the career i really wanna be engaging in :
hardware sales n media!!

yehhh but with all those other factors, ya seems teh way tougher choice..

i jus have one thing to say here- when somenone gets into a comfort zone, n in status -quo, they wudn't move out of it 99%. tHE 1%- IF AND WHEN tehy make an extremely conscious n completely strong effort in that direction, not just an effort but a bold move..

fro me, india is always the better choice.. i love it here.. way too much :)
rantravereflect said…
n abt a social life, where ya really get to liveeeee life, this is the place man!! :0;)

n like ela says, talk to ya wife n kids: they'd be the greatest contributors here.. :)
rantravereflect said…
teh decision is tough, teh more i think of it really!
all teh best :)

n a career in politics- wowwww i dint know tat!!
dabbu? What's that? I am a spendoholic, I live by the day, so no matter how much money I get, my bank balance will always be at the bare minimum.
My kids are young, as long as they get their TV time, they is happy :)

Rantravereflect (Thats a long name)
You kind of nailed it; it’s the comfort level isn't it? The question is am I willing to stir it?
Tara said…
Yes. I agree it's a really tough decision to make. At the end do what your heart says, do what you feel will benefit your family in the long run because then short run difficulties can be managed.

Good luck!And I am sure you'll take the right decision :)

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