Oh Mahatma, there is no words on earth which describes my respect for you. But Mahatma, you erred. Well naming Nehru as your successor might top the list, but what you did with pure love in your heart now pierces every Hindu with a silver bullet. Oh Mahatma, how I wish you were here to this day, using your ideology, Indians have hijacked the country to the verge of no return.
Oh Mahatma, my mind understands your words, my minds accepts that humans don’t get separated by religion. But we are a silent minority here Mahatma. Today, in my own country, our so called Muslim Brothers (as you wanted me to address them) don’t want Hindu pilgrims to step on their land. As expected, the followers of your ideology, to get some extra votes accepted it. Oh Mahatma, even our beloved Krishna, at last stood up for his right, how long do you think we can go on like this.
Mahatma, I think its time to rethink our ideology. I think we have given enough. I think we have lost enough. Its time to make a stand.


Ela said…
Situations like these are a real pity and disgusting but what could be done ? issues like these are very sensitive(not becoz of the issues but becoz of the people who are so delicate that they get easily hurt!)and as long as we have opportunistic, spineless and unprincipled politicians no fruitful solutions would come up.....only i guess now that hindus will do something against this in a violent less sensible way, to which the muslims will retaliate and then more hatred...more distrust and less peace and respect for each other.

I think Gandhi needs not be blamed...sometimes we were putting too much on to his head thereby trying to get away clean with our own mistakes and stupidity.....Even if he did not have any say in those matters things would only happened the way it is now!
Through my post, you might have guessed that I am adherent Hindu, but that doesn’t mean I am a conservative, I take the teaching and I question their practicality in today’s world. In other words, I critique them and I try to convey my views to everyone.
Now, the same is true with Mahatma, I have utmost respect for him, and try to follow some of his principles. At the same time, it does not mean that I have to agree with everything he said, right. That’s what I was trying to imply.
The truth is, in an imperfect world, perfection becomes an impurity. That’s what Mahatma is and to an extent the whole Hindu philosophy is.

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