"You have to be the change, which you want to see in the World. If you want the world to be happy, you have to be happy"
By Gandhi


Pen Drive said…
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Tara said…
Hey Slogger

That's the quote that has really changed the way I think. I read it for the first time when I was in sixth grade. There's really no point in cribbing about how bad things are, what you should really ask yourself is what you are doing to make them a little less bad?

Perhaps, that has really been the motto of my life so far. How much you contribute does not matter as far as you are not sitting idle and doing something proactive.

great !!
Good for you. It's really a good way to lead a life. I don't know how old you are but the older you grow the harder it is to lead a life like that. The environment sourrounding you really takes a toll on you. To carry on without getting affected by others is really a hard thing. If you could, well there is nothing like it....

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