A moron named Harbajan –

I want to address what Harbajan Singh is doing now. First, let’s get the facts right. He called Symonds a “Monkey” and that’s the truth. What he did was a mistake, but our so called God of Indian Cricket, Mr. Tendulkar defended him and he got out without a scratch. Now today, his arrogance has gone so far, he hit Sreesanath. I know this will also be brushed under the carpet, but in my view he should be suspended from IPL this year without pay. But, I want to see what our God Mr. Tendulkar will do now. He is after all the Mumbai team’s captain.

People like Gavaskar and Shastri where so eager to jump on sledging by the Australian, but I am yet to hear any comment on this from them. Protect your house first, then we can think about our neighbours. Morons....


Ela said…
Is he so rude? He used to look friendly....well seems like the sportsmanship is missing from our favourite sport!
Well, my furstration with BCCI which has failed as an entity comes out at him, I guess
Ela said…
Hmmm....may be but i haven't been watching cricket for the last 6 years or so...so don't how most of the new comers are doing on the field...and i happened to read about this incident on the net and i do also feel terrible by the way the people concerned are trying to shield him...wrong is wrong and if someone cannot hold their temper and show some behaviour in the field, then i too think that they should be made to realise it rather than being shielded!

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