An enigma called Rajni –

Have you seen the new advertisement from Pepsi, with Dhoni? Or one of the all time best, ICL Superstar advertisement? 10 years back, there used to be a Big’n Murugan advertisement in Channel V, have you seen it?

Have you ever tried to walk in the street, with red pants and green blazer? Can parents encourage their kid to watch a man flip a cigarette into his mouth? Can a certified grandfather, dance around with girls who are barely over their teen years? With all their talks about Dravidians, is it possible to hijack a mass when you don’t even speak their language right?

I can go on, but what makes Rajni click? The name “Rajni” sells, why? The society which is deprived of common essentials in life is badly in need of a superhero. They want their superhero to come out of thin air and save them. Alas, but as with every good superhero, Rajni exist only in fantasy world. But Rajni the name can make them forget their starving family, their volatile future, their abusive environment and everything around them and make them laugh and fight the evil villain for about 3 hours of their life. For that, I say good job Rajni.


m said…
This is funny but this post remains me of some article i read somewhere....about the black africans and how their culture is so steeped in need of an hero.....their attitude and also their outlook, so their political stand.....all depends on this physcology of need of an super hero...who is above normal and therefore is also allowed to live an high above normal life with all nice things of life which a common man cannot enjoy...but in his success and happiness the common people see their success and happiness! so we are not so different after all!
Slogger said…
Wouldn't it be wonderfull to have people living their life to make you happy and successfull. :)
How do I get them? Do you know....
Arun Sundar said…
Adhellaam andha kaalam, one would say.
m said…
Do u really think u will be happy if some lives a happy and successful life and being called as ur leader? I mean, gone are the days of 'real leadership' these days it's only leaders who live a happy and successful life which does not have anything to do with the common folk!

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