Ethics in India

May be the recent events in Satyam triggered me to write something about ethics in India, but I don’t buy this crap that Indian media and Indians (as a whole) try to sell. These morons argue that India a land of many messiahs was not at fault and that the actions by Ramalinga Raju are purely in the mind of one corrupt individual.

We Indians are one of the corrupt individuals in the world. We try to mask our actions under some fake righteousness within our religion. We try to mask our actions under some man made injustice in our land 100 or 200 years ago. We try to mask our actions with caste, poverty and other such BS.

Be it the driver license office, be it in the airport, and be it the auto drivers, we never hesitate to throw some extra dough to get what’s best for us. Recently, my family got an offer for our property, a whooping 70 percent in black money; where in the hell did they guy get this money? God only knows. All these are not corruption in our land; these are part and parcel of life. Well when we are ready to vote for color television, and some scantily clad actress then I guess there is nothing wrong with it.

I feel sorry for Ramalinga Raju, may be he got what he deserved but if for a minute we think that this incident is an anomaly; well, then I have to say that our news media has done its part.


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