Gandhi -

Even when we use the bath tissue we have a reason and purpose. The way Indians are treating Gandhi is a complete disgrace. See, I don’t agree with many things Gandhi said and followed but still I respect him more than anyone else. Indians are such a selfish breed that nothing matters when it comes to their personal need. The way this auction of Gandhi’s belonging was handled is a complete disaster. Gandhi lived his life for his principles; one such principle is “Satya”. Quoting Gandhi’s own words “Without truth nothing”. With that our beloved Indian Tourism and Culture Minister Ambika Soni comes out and says that she and her government helped Mallya to get Gandhi’s belonging. Now Mallya bluntly rejected her statement and said that he bought it on his own. When you lie to get cheap publicity on the very man who lived for truth shows you how sad the state of India is.

Not one person in India stood up and questioned Ambika Soni, because it doesn’t matter does it? Who cares about Gandhi? After all, give it a couple of month and you wouldn’t be surprised to find these items in the dumpster behind Indian parliament.


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