Debacle under Democracy –

Is Democracy working? It’s definitely not in Asian and South American countries where the ruling elite have successfully hijacked the idea and rule the state by corruption and terror. The west is not better either, in here Democracy is held up by economic prosperity and I do agree that educated masses do play a role. With just under a year of recession, America already organizes itself into major groups with each going after the government for its own benefit. This is exactly what happens in India, doesn’t it? In countries like India, where people have to work with limited resources, they go at it through flawed methods. Each form a group for his or her own liking, may it be the caste, state, language or what ever it is that could be grouped together. If you have your strength in number then you will get what you want. Once you have the power now it becomes necessary to suppress other groups from propping up. If you have achieved your power through corruption, what else will you use to crush others?

It’s interesting to see that just couple of month ago, Indians were part of “Obama Mania”. Now when they are face to face with Obama’s socialistic agenda, they don’t know where to go. Almost every day his government is lending huge amounts for private sectors with a clause that states no outsourcing and no H1B. Nevertheless, this is what Democracy does right, instead of working for the benefit of the people it works for the benefit of a (or some) group which is powerful. When the oil czar ruled during the Bush era, gas at the pump was 4 dollars. The moment he went everything magically came back. Couple of years ago, airline industries was complaining how they could not survive in the current state and lobbied for change. Now there is a bigger issue then airline industry and everything is good for now in their world. They are still running, no one has filled for bankruptcy, so what changed? It’s just their lobbyist are busy with something bigger now, they can always come back to airlines when everything is back to normal, when they got nothing else to do.

A democracy aficionado might argue that the benefits far outlay the drawbacks. Maybe in west, particularly French revolution might have brought in political equalities between the ruling elite and commoners but that’s an Oddity. Even though Marxism is aimed at the same, it didn’t achieve it through Democracy. For a political newbie, growth within a democratic party can happen by couple of ways, either by money or by using thugs. You and I can only sit and hope things turn up for good, but it will never be. Look at the third front in India, expect the communist (My relationship with communism is as that with Gandhi, I respect what it stands for but it will never work) everyone else in there is for his or her own political gain. They don’t give a damn about anything else. In Pakistan it’s even worse, when highest court in the country orders you to step down, what does Nawaz Sharif do? Tries to play with the already fragile democracy. So tell me what does democracy achieve through all this? Nothing.

A new world order is the need of the hour but the sad state of it is that it will only happen after a catastrophe.


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