Your destiny will never bring happiness through an unhappy journey; it doesn’t work out that way. The way you feel today or the way you feel throughout your journey, is the way it will continue to be. So start enjoying your journey, invariably it will bring up a happy ending.


Ottayan said…
The unhappiness comes from not knowing where to go (destination/goal/meaning of life).
Otts –
Well, I can see your argument, “a life without destiny”. But I don’t think it’s practical. Anyhow, my point here is not just spiritual; it has more to do with an individual living life hoping for a better tomorrow. You skip lunch today and save 2 dollars, to have lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow should never be built on hope; it should be based on a plan.
Ela said…
"Tomorrow should never be built on hope; it should be based on a plan"

True but there should be allowances for third parties messing up with the plan.....if it is made then, life would be one happy journey!
i agree with that--> cos no matter who the third parties are what yourdestiny would be, if ya can't be happy from within today, the whole damn thing goes for a BIG toss!
n suddenly, ya see more third parties, suddenly your destiny seems to sufferm, n suddenly, the world seems to be on ya shoulder?

hows ya son n family man?
longgg tyme since i've been here :)
Hey jane -
Good to see you here. Family is good. How are things with you?

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